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Valentines Day: Etsy Card Finds

One of my favorite Valentines Day past times comes from when I was just a wee one. Back when kids were nice to each other and before they had time to form prejudices and unjust anger towards each other. I loved going to the store and picking out the pack of Valentines Day cards I’d be handing out to my classmates. Robots with hearts, Scooby Doo or maybe Bugs Bunny.
Now that I’m grown there’s only a few people that get cards from me, so I like to make sure they’re extra special. As always my favorite place to find these special cards is Etsy.

Image:: Box of Chocolate Pugs Card :: Narwhal Poke Card :


: Valentine Decoder Card :: Otter Love Card :

My personal favorite, I Hate Everyone But You card. It says oh so much with just a few little words.

You have a little more than one week to make sure you find that special someone(s) something great for Valentines Day. Buying handmade and local is a great way to support those artists that work hard for their craft.



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DIY Valentines Day Handmade Cards

I’ve been working quite diligently on making these handmade Valentines Day cards the past 2 weeks for the Etsy Share Your Love project. If you missed it, refer to this post I made earlier today.


  • 2 wine corks of different sizes (I used two that weren’t rubber)
  • X-acto blade
  • Ink pad
  • Sheets of printmaking paper
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors



  1. I chose to first make the two stamps I’d be using. Take the 2 corks you have and draw a heart on the flattest side of each. If you use 2 corks of varying sizes you’ll end up with one smaller heart and one larger heart.
  2. Cut away the excess cork around the drawn on heart shape. Be careful not to cut yourself! And make sure you take the cork down far enough that it won’t get ink on it and mess up the stamp pattern. This is a good time to try out the stamp on a scrap piece of paper.
  3. I happened to have a heart cut out from last Valentines Day I used as the original stencil. I traced it onto a piece of construction paper, then folded the heart in half and drew half a larger heart around it. Then with the paper still folded in half, I drew half a smaller heart in the middle.
  4. From there, I kept the paper folded in half and cut the largest heart out. Then I traced it onto another piece of construction paper, and cut out the smaller heart (since I still have the medium sized heart stencil) that I then traced onto printmaking paper.
  5. Here you can either cut out the medium sized heart and trace it onto construction paper, or use the original stencil you have and retrace a heart onto construction paper. For the large heart I traced it onto a darker pink colored paper, the medium on a lighter pink, and the smaller of course was the white printmaking paper.

  6. Now here I took out my ink pad and stamps. I chose to use two different shades of pink. Stamp the varying heart sizes wherever you feel they should go on the printmaking smallest heart.
  7. Once everything is dry, glue the medium heart down to the larger heart, and the smallest heart to the medium heart. Find someone with impeccable handwriting (such as my darling Kh) to write out Happy Valentines Day!
  8. And you’re done!

I liked the look of the handwritten Valentines Day as opposed to using a stamp. It gives it more of a personal touch in my opinion. Now to seal them up in a large envelope and send them off to Etsy.

I have tons of great DIY projects coming up this next week, so stop back!



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