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Recipe – Fried Bananas


In an effort to be more proactive in posting this year, and be more active in enjoying little things in my own life, I’m trying out doing a new recipe a week for as long as I can. So with that, I’ll bring you some new recipes! Or maybe sometimes my trials and failures at cooking new recipes.

Lately I’ve been eating a bit ‘healthier’ when I’m not snowed in for days and eating left over pizza for breakfast. Part of this ‘healthier’ kick is not giving in completely to the temptation of sweets. I’m not much of a sugar and candy kind of girl, but every once in a while I do have the occasional sweet tooth.

This has been my go to on several evenings.



1 Banana – sliced
1 tablespoon of honey
Olive oil/coconut oil
Cinnamon 1 tablespoon of water


Get To Cooking

1. In a skillet drizzle the oil (whichever you decided to use) and put the banana slices in

2. Cook each side of the banana for about 1 minute, or two depending on how crispy you’d like them.

3. This step is a bit optional. Whisk together the honey and the water.

4. Remove the skillet from the heat and pour honey mixture over the bananas.

5. Let it cool and sprinkle cinnamon on them.

And Enjoy!

I’ve experiment a little bit in getting the right honey to cinnamon ratio. I tried not whisking it with water and just doing a dot of honey on each banana slice, that worked out quite well! I also messed up the ratio quite badly and had soggy fried bananas. Not nearly as tasty.

It’s a great little snack. If you like bananas!




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halloween treats – a ghoulishly creative recipe roundup

My bestie and I have decided to have a Halloween party. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m just so damn excited. I’ve been put in charge of food and decorations. Easy enough! But I still need a little inspiration.

this jack o’lantern chip dip seems really easy

how cute are these graveyard cupcakes?

these don’t look like eyeballs, but chocolate and peanut butter? delicious.

how great is this creepy bowl of punch?

witch’s fingers – tasty or creepy?

mummy dogs! they could even be veggie dogs.

I wanted to find some great recipes that weren’t all sugar and spice. And even better, most of these recipes can be made with easy enough ingredients. I definitely have to try the hand shaped ice in the punch bowl, I think that’s my favorite.

Bring on the party already!



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Foodie Friday – berry cobbler

On my most recent grocery shopping trip I picked up a bunch of strawberries, and even more blueberries. I had this grand idea of making something tasty out of them, but really I had no idea what that tasty thing may be. I remembered a strawberry rhubarb crumble recipe I had posted in a roundup from last week and decided to do my own twist on it. I’ve never made a cobbler before, and I couldn’t find a recipe for strawberry/blueberry cobbler. So I did what any self respecting queen of her own kitchen did.. I made it up as I went along!

I don’t quite have a recipe to give you, cause like I said, I made it up. I was pretty satisfied with the end result. It was a little messy, and the one picture I did get of it is worthy of the “mushy foods you don’t know what the hell it is” instagram award. See below if you need a reference.


Ok since I don’t have a recipe for you, I thought I’d find a few cobbler recipes by others that are a little more put together than I am in the kitchen. I’m telling you this dessert is amazing if you’ve never had it before. I put mine on frozen vanilla yogurt that Kh lovingly got for me, and well it’s all gone now. Delicious!

sour cherry cobbler, with heart shaped biscuits on top. so cute.

mixed berry cobbler in mini dishes, perfect size so you don’t have to share.

I’d probably die a happy woman after trying this strawberry cobbler.

brown sugar berry cobbler.. amazing!

I think I’ve found my new favorite dish. I know I say that every foodie Friday.. but maybe this time I really mean it. For the moment at least.


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Foodie Friday: roasted asparagus

To keep up with the tradition of some of my favorite recipes (hello roasted potatoes) I decided to try roasted asparagus this week. I pretty much like asparagus in any form, and cooked in any manner so I don’t know why it took me so long to try this.

Last week, Kh had been away for work all week leaving me to my own devices in the kitchen. I had been planning on living off boxed mac and cheese but after the second day of that I decided I may need something a little healthier and substantial.

What you’ll need..

  • Asparagus (the thicker stalks work better for roasting)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Lemon

Now you need to..

1. Preheat oven to 400°. Rinse and clean off the asparagus, you don’t know where that’s been! Unless you grew it, then you probably do know where it’s been..

2. Cut off the tough ends, you know the parts I mean. Lay them on a roasting pan, or a baking sheet with foil on it. Drizzle your olive oil over them and shake the pan, or roll the asparagus around with a utensil to make sure they all get covered in olive oil.

3. Sprinkle salt and the garlic evenly over the asparagus. Use as much or as little as you’d like.

4. Place the pan in the oven and cook for approximately 8-10 minutes. My oven isn’t the best and took about 14 minutes to roast them the way I wanted them.

5. Let cool and enjoy! I squeezed lemon over them at this point and they were delicious.

Note: Some recipes call for balsamic vinaigrette to be drizzled over them once you take them out of the oven, I didn’t have any on hand so I skipped that part. You could even sprinkle some fresh parmesan cheese on them, for that extra delicious  touch.

This will have to go on my list of favorite recipes. I grilled asparagus on our grill last night and I can not get enough.


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Cocchi Americano spritzin cocktail

Last month Kh and I went to an all ladies Cinco de Mayo party, where we were introduced to cocchi americano – an aperitif wine that Kh immediately fell in love with. The moment she tasted it, I could see hearts dancing in her eyes.

A couple of weeks ago Kh went on a aperitif hunt to find the new love of her life. It’s  not an easy thing to come by, but certainly worth it. She had gotten the idea for a refreshing (and incredibly simple) cocktail(spritzer?) recipe to take to our friend Kate’s (from sippets and sharpies) birthday party.

What you’ll need..

  • A bottle of Cocchi Americano
  • An orange
  • A bottle of club soda
  • Ice

Now you…

Cut up the oranges and set them aside. Mix the bottle of cocchi americano with the club soda. A ratio of 1:1 worked well for us, add the orange slices and ice. Let sit in the fridge to cool. How easy is that?

We decided to mix everything in a large mason jar. I took some orange fabric I had left over and decorated the top of it, and put a ribbon on the side just for that extra touch. It matched the orange slices and I was real happy with how it all came out.



Dee-lish! Hello Summertime.


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Foodie Friday: strawberry take over

mmmm Strawberries.

I’m seeing all sorts of strawberry filled recipes recently, which has gotten me pretty excited at the prospect of actually making one of said recipes. Strawberry shortcake has always been a favorite of mine, and so has strawberries for that matter.

When I was little my Grandma and I built a strawberry bed and grew our own. I was always so excited to go out with my pail, pick out the ripe ones, and usually I could hardly wait to get back inside before I started eating them.

I’ve put together this roundup of just a few of my favorite (and seemingly simple!) recipes.

mini strawberry pies via cooking with my kid

strawberry lemonade pie via a ducks oven

strawberry yogurt popsicles via zoom yummy

no-bake strawberry icebox cake via the kitchn (I mean, how amazing does that look?!)

strawberry tarts via the nearsighted owl

Now, this next one is probably my favorite. I make banana bread at least once a week, and the thought of making a new scrumptious type of bread? Well, I’m sold.

strawberry breakfast bread via jane’s sweets and baking journal

I’m making a grocery run later today (if I don’t melt first..) and strawberries are at the top of my list. I might even grab some blueberries too. It’s going to be a fruitapalooza at my apartment this weekend. Get it? har har..



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Foodie Friday: veggie baked ziti

One of the hardest parts about the weather getting warmer is finding recipes to work with. I love a good pasta dish but they can be too heavy (and hello? a stove only adds to the sweltering heat) and I only really like one pasta salad dish (thanks gram!).

I came across this recipe from Sometimes Sweet and just had to give it a try. It’s simple, and uses so many veggies!

The only changes I made..

I used gluten free brown rice pasta (You can get it at Trader Joes and it’s delicious!)
Fat free ricotta cheese
Skim milk mozzarella

I’m pretty much in love with any dish you can throw all the ingredients into one pan, bake it, and eat it. Makes my job cooking it that much easier.

Usually when I’m in the kitchen I have at least one little shadow watching my every move hoping I drop at least a piece of what I’m making.

Caught in the begging act! Thankfully I finished baking this before Kh got home, or else all of the ingredients really would have been eaten. The dish was such a big hit, Kh obsessed about it until it was all gone. She didn’t even bother to heat it up, it was that delicious.



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