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A very MOD New Year: a gothy polyvore outfit inspired by modcloth

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last absolute second to make any plans for New Years Eve. Not to mention waiting until the day before to pick out an outfit. I’m plagued with the “last minute” hassles all the time, and really should know better. Maybe next year!

One of my favorite websites to get special occasion dresses from, and lets be serious, entire outfits is Modcloth. They have a wide variety that fits any style, shape, and size. If you’re stuck in a complete rut they even have stylists that you can talk to to help complete your look. Which is great for someone as indecisive as me.

This is a little outfit I put together using only items from Modcloth. I’m not a girl that likes too much color, and I like my statement pieces to be in black or silver. I also like the idea of being able to wear everything separately with other pieces of my wardrobe.

Dress: Committee Celebration Dress
Booties: Lisbon There Bootie
Purse: Twist of Licorice
Blazer: Front and Convention Center Blazer
Tights: Know a Trick or Two Tights
Scarf: Head Over Heels Scarf
Belt: Sash Samba Belt
To see the whole outfit on Polyvore, follow me here!

While I know the dress comes with a teal/blue belt, I really like the idea of this sash belt with the dress. I love mismatching belts that come with pieces of clothing for other belts I have or find. Especially when I can make it match with some of my jewelry pieces I already have.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic New Year! I can’t believe it’s going to be 2014.. Where did my early 20’s go?



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what im wearing to the christmas party, that im on my way to

At this very moment I’m probably on my way to Kh’s company’s Christmas bash. The power of scheduling posts ahead of time, hooray!

I didn’t want to give the secret out before the big event, but here’s what I’m going to be (or currently) wearing this evening. Minus the skull head. I put that in there for uber goth affect.


shoes : Mix No. 6 Wedge Pumps (mine are matte black)
dress : Bettie Page The Evening Unfolds Dress
pashmina : black pashmina similiar to this
clutch : cut out clutch
:: outfit on polyvore ::

The only thing not pictured is the under armor of spanx I have on. I figured I’d save you that gory detail.

The one thing I’m most proud of? That clutch. Kh went on a crazy find-everything-we-need-for-the-party shopping spree, and my only instructions were to find me a matte black clutch. She came back with that! Gosh, I love my damn girlfriend.

Maybe if I feel brave I’ll post outfit photos after the event.



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A cute dose of wordless Wednesday

:: source ::

:: source ::

:: source ::

:: source ::

( It’s almost Friday! )

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While I’m Away: OOTD

: bag : necklace : flats : belt : maxi dress :
: bracelet : ring : cardigan :

Is it spring yet? I’m seeing the most adorable maxi dresses and accessories for warm weather. Especially this printed maxi dress from Urban Outfitters (pictured above). Give me it already! This is only the beginning of my spring outfit wishlist.

While I know we’ve completely lucked out this winter, I can’t help but want to press fast forward and have it be time for picnics and sunshine!


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Shoes on you Sunday and under $50 to boot

I.. I love shoes. I’ll generally wear my shoes until they absolutely fall apart on me, and even then I have a hard time throwing them out. My favorite pair of shoes would have to be a pair of black pointed toe boots that I got on sale at Kmart for.. $10. I’ve had them for years, and I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve had to sew up the back of them, and glue the soles back on. I can’t bring myself to throw them away, and for such a cheap pair of shoes, I can’t bring myself to get them repaired.

So, I keep them, hidden in the back of my closet only to come out when I’m having a lazy Sunday and need to run to the store. My dear black boots, how I adore you.

What better way to spend a Sunday then online shopping for shoes? Here’s some of my favorite finds for under $50.

{Lace-up skimmer from Urban Outfitters}

{Nice flats from Blowfish Shoes}

{Our First Album Wedge from ModCloth}

{Golfing in Georgia Flat from ModCloth}

{Floral Wingtips from Forever21}

{Lace-up Bootie Wedge from GoJane}

{Buckle Strap Hidden Wedge from GoJane} So far, my favorite.

{Leatherette Oxford Booties from GoJane}

I could have gone on and on and on.. Shoes + a bargain = my heaven.


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OOTD: ModCloth Outfit Wishlist

For today’s OOTD, I decided to try a different route. It’s been rainy, snowy, and generally icky most days here in Boston which hasn’t exactly put me in the best “dress for success” attitude. Sad, yes. So this week I’m putting all my energy into getting inspired!

One of my all time favorite clothing websites would have to be Mod Cloth. Their dresses are to die for, and the accessories? Forget about it! Most of them sell out in no time flat. I spent at least 2 hours window shopping on their site last night.

And from it, here are two outfits I would die to be sporting right now.

1.Very important date necklace 2. Wheat Field Day Dress 3. Slacks are the new Black Jeans 4. Spruce up your Style Boot

1. More Black Coffee Please leggings 2. Candy Apple Gloss Flat 3. The Braided Bunch Belt 4. My Deer Antler Sally Necklace 5. Magicicada Earrings 6. Happy Guppie Satchel 7. Haute Dotty Dress

Spring, you can not come soon enough!


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Thrifty Thursday: 10 Gifts Under $50

The Holidays can be a rough time of year. Trying to find that perfect gift for those loved ones on your list. Or even just trying to find the perfect gift for the In Laws. Talk about stressful!

I’ve gotten a little bit of a late start in my holiday shopping this year, so I’m really crunching my shopping hours into the next couple of weekends. The pressure.. is on. I’m making my list, and checking it twice. I’m going to be buying all local, handmade, and of course Etsy finds this year. Or rather I’m going to try real hard to.

So to really get me motivated for what’s to come, here’s a list of my favorite finds for under $50!While they may not all be from Etsy or handmade, they’re still a good steal this holiday season.

{Gramophone iPod Station via Pottery Barn}

{Cast Iron Hooks via West Elm}

{Rabbit Toons Wrap via eShakti.com}

{Leather Piped Echo Touch Glove via Echodesign}

{Chickadee Delight Laptop Case via Modcloth.com}

{Call of the Wild Bag via Aldoshoes}

{Chevron Natural Bamboo iPhone Case via SaltyandSweet}

{House of Harlow 1960 Cuff via ShopBop.com}

{Flower Coasters via Decoylab}

{Chunky Aztec Socks via TopShop}

The chunky aztec socks, and the chevron iPhone case are my favorites!

What’s on your holiday wish list this year?


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