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im pretty much a party animal

I’m slowly coming back to the land of the living! I can breathe fully out of one nostril, and my sense of taste is starting to come back. Do you know what that means?!

Of course you don’t.. It means I sat at the dining room table and ate 10 mini reeses cups! er.. Yeah, I did.

To celebrate not being out of my mind sick, I’m having a glass of wine and watching Kh play Skyrim. Exciting, right? I like it when she dragon shouts at things, I’ll randomly yell “FOSH ROOOW DAH” and continue with my business. I’m sure she appreciates it as well. She gave me the hairy eyeball about my glass of wine, but I simply told her I’m pre-gaming for tomorrows holiday bash. I think I’m completely in the right on this one.

I want to get my blog caught up on all the happenings since I’ve been sick.

So, let’s start with precisely one week ago. Right before I got hit with the worst of my cold, my good friend CF came over for pizza and wine night. She brought her 6month old puppy so I could finally meet her and we did a small gift exchange. I used to see this girl every day for about 3 years, and now every few months we get together. We’d spend days so hungover we couldn’t talk to anyone at work, go out dancing, and generally cause an obscene amount of tomfoolery. Oh, yeah and scavenge left over french fries like we were wild hyenas. She’s hilarious, and I just adore her. I know she’s reading this, so hey CF!


She knows me too well. Look at this owl mug! Complete with hot chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallows (that are individually wrapped?!) to put in it. Ridiculously cute. I told Kh to keep her grubby paws away from those marshmallows..

The next night we had Christmas at Kh’s best friends house. We stuck with stocking prizes this year, and ran so late by the time we got there everyone was 2 seconds from bed time. I love being included in this Christmas tradition, and even more so love the taco cups her friend Bman makes.


I made out. Amiright? Everyone jokes about how easy I am to buy for, but I pretty much am the easiest person to buy for.

My goodies included:
:: The owl mug I talked about in my coffee talk post. SERIOUSLY how can you not love this thing? It’s huge!
:: SKULL shaped sprinkles
:: Peanut butter M&M’s (I know I don’t like many sweets, but come.. the eff.. on..)
:: Biore pore perfect strips – yes
:: A starbucks gift card
:: No sew fabric glue – I’ll take 300 thanks
:: 2 pairs of knee high stocking-like-socks – yes and yes

Then this past weekend we partook in more consumerism in overly crowded stores filled with cranky people. It was great.

2 out of the 4 days this week I was non-stop until about 6pm, starting at 10:30. Which usually means I’m in my car driving, walking, driving, running, driving. Today was my first mildly easy day all week. I took advantage of it by stopping back home to eat my left over chinese food for lunch. And another reeses mini. What? I’m addicted. It’s a sign my business is taking off, without me even taking the first steps. I’m slightly terrified, wondering if it’s really what I want, and slightly elated. Let’s just see where this goes, shall we?

I’ve moved onto my second glass of wine, Kh is still playing Skyrim, and some how mac and cheese is cooking on my stove. I better go see what that’s about.





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I had the hardest time remembering today’s date all day. And the sad part is I’m not even half joking. I’ve been battling a cold for the past 3 days and it’s starting to win. Going to bed at 5pm every night has been pretty great, I must say. Wrapping myself up in a blanket, putting the space heater as close to me as it can get without setting fire to my socks, and passing out on the couch. A few hours later Kh will tap me (once she’s had her fill of video gaming, that is) and ask if I want to go to the actual bedroom. Mannnnn.. I hate switching to a cold bed.


I certainly know I’m sick when all I’ve been doing is watching Disney/kids movies. I love a good comfort movie. Usually it’s Harry Potter..  Thank you Netflix for having a brand new selection to choose from.


The Great Mouse Detective
Alice in Wonderland
James and the Giant Peach
The Rescuers Down Under
The Fox and the Hound

I must confess. I couldn’t actually make it through The Fox and the Hound. Why? Because I cry my eyes out like a balling bitching baby. Seriously. There’s a small list of movies that make me cry and that is one of them. I forgot this until I started watching it. Uh-wahh.

In other news I got my dress for Kh’s holiday party. It wasn’t any of the dresses I originally picked out, from this post here. But I think I’m going to like it. I need to get the wrinkles out of it and find the right shoes.

And speaking of shoes. After I wrote an email to Nine West I got a response. They want me to ship my boots to them so they can inspect them and either refund me with a gift card or send them back to me and tell me nothing was wrong with them. I’m fairly satisfied with this response.

Ok. It’s 5:30 and past my bed time.




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that time I quit my job

I talk an awful lot about my job and clients, without really ever talking about what it is that I do for a living. That can be summed up to me being a little bit secretive. Weird, since I have a blog right? So here it is, I’m a full time dog walker/pet sitter/pet care provider extraordinaire.

Before I really get into that, let me tell you about how I quit my last job. By all accounts I had a great job. I was the manager for front of the house operations of a health and wellness spa. Translation? I was the retail and front desk manager. Inventory management, placing seasonal orders, meeting with reps.. I essentially got to feed my shopping cravings by placing orders for the spa. How great is that?


Ok so on the surface it seemed pretty great. After the first 5 months, I wanted out. Long hours, only made worse by the countless hours spent in front of a computer screen. I was growing tired of the 9-5-if-I-was-lucky job. The breaking point to me came in the form of constant body shaming, and diet talk. I’ve had my highs and lows with body acceptance, and was at a high when I first started working there. They offered yoga and core fitness classes, which I had never tried before. It opened up my world and I realized how much I enjoyed both.


Now enter the dreaded diet talk. I’m not one to diet. I don’t even like partaking in diet talk. I try to eat healthy, and some days I don’t eat so healthy. I don’t beat myself up over it, or cause myself any unwanted mental anguish over eating too many carbs in one day. Each day there was talk of what cleanse was to be tried, how many calories were in the protein bars we had for sale, and my personal favorite was listening to people cut down on their food intake one day because they had a slice of pizza the day before. Uh, what? One second, let me go get my left over pasta I brought for lunch.

I don’t think there is one body size that is perfect. I think women, people, are beautiful. I’m a size 10, I’ve got hips and some curves that go here and there. I’m ok, no, I’m proud of this. I’m a woman, what’s not to love about that? We come in so many shapes and sizes, women have bodies, hearts and souls. It hurt my head (and even my heart) to hear the countless beautiful women come through the door and just straight up hate on themselves. If there’s one conversation you will never get me involved in, it’s the body shame game. If you start to talk about how you hate your large butt, you’ll probably be talking to the back of my head. I love a large butt, and a tiny butt. Butts are great!

My high, was turning into a low. I wasn’t happy there, and dragging myself into the line of body shaming fire every day became tiresome. I was fighting to hold onto who I was, and what made up my inner workings. Maybe others felt differently there, but place the corporate pressures on top of everything and I was ready to get out.

A friend of a friend needed some help with her pet sitting business. I started helping her out part time, and soon thought “hey I could do this.” Fast forward a few months later and I’m a full time dog walker on the brink of starting my own business. I’ve had some highs, and definitely some lows. Doing this kind of work isn’t for everyone, even if everyone says it’s their dream job. I’m always on the go and very rarely can say no to a client request. I love my four-legged clients, it’s like I have an extended family of creatures that never talk about how much weight they’ve gained or how their pants don’t fit anymore.

Cause dogs don’t wear pants.. duh..


After years of being plagued with the restless job syndrome, I’ve finally found a job that I truly enjoy doing. The potential to do so much with it is there, and not to mention the flexibility to have a life outside of work. I still have my moments of utter hopeless “what am I doing”-ness, but it’s much less severe than it used to be. The starting point to finding your way is getting the right footing, lets hope I’ve got mine.




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thankful days 16 – 20

day 16.

Changing of the seasons. I don’t think I could live in a place that didn’t have all 4 seasons. Although I’d love to live somewhere with a fall temperament all year round, the different inspirational aspects and of course food options keep me sane.

day 17.

My new nine west rain boots. It keeps raining on and off and I bought my first pair of rain boots. By far the best $50 I’ve spent in a long time. Who knew rain boots could be so very important for someone who works outside all day?

day 18.

Small acts of human kindness. I often find it hard to keep my faith in humanity when there are so many terrible things that happen. But when I see a stranger help an elderly woman with her groceries, or have a stranger hold the door open for me when I’m carting around 4 dogs, it helps remind me there are some decent folks out there.

day 19.

Coffee. I can’t get my day started without you. It’s a pretty toxic relationship that I’m not ready to quit.

day 20.

Writing. I had my short story chosen for inclusion in an ebook along with 50 other women. It’s all about sexuality and coming of age. Pretty excited and thankful for this.


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you want it, she’s got it

I’m always really bummed when my weekends are over with, especially weekends when good friends come to visit. My best friend lives in NYC, and while that’s quite close, I don’t get to see her as much as I wish I could. We have an ongoing tradition that every year for (or around) her birthday she comes and spends it with me. This year being no exception. Saturday morning she took a bus in with her girlfriend and started her birthday weekend with Kh and I.

Saturday night we planned a get together for her with a few of her friends that live in the area.

Can you spot my creepy cackle face in the second picture? A couple of dark and stormys and my hangover from the night before was all but a forgotten memory. Thank you rum for kicking gins ass.

The next day we went out for brunch at The Friendly Toast. It was quite a bit of a wait, no surprise there, so we just goofed off outside until we were finally seated.

After somewhere close to 45minutes we got seated and immediately ordered everything and anything. Coffee, tea, blueberry gluten free pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, home fries.. Oh my! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Silly things happen when we’re hungry.

After breakfast, my bestie and I stole off to watch the newest Twilight movie. We’ve seen the past couple in the theaters and of course had to keep that tradition alive as well. It was.. interesting. The cgi baby face that slowly became cgi small child face was a bit creepy. I liked this last movie more so than the previous one, that’s for sure. Especially since it’s the end. C and I mostly sat there giggling like a couple of 15 year old girls. Bella’s crazy constant perfect eyelashes drove me to irritation town. “Oh look I just woke up and have perfect eyeshadow on.” Phoooey.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. I had a great time visiting with my bestie, I just wish we had more time together. Now I’m bummed it’s Monday and I have to get back to work. Blah! I do have a 4 day weekend because of Thanksgiving and taking Black Friday off soo.. I should stop complaining.


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coffee talk #1

Whats your favorite color? What did you eat for dinner?.. A/S/L? Ok that last one may be going to far, but I’m mildly obsessed with questionnaires and lists. Remember myspace surveys? Yeah, I was an addict. I can never get enough of reading about what someone is eating for dinner and what their favorite book is currently. Ok, that’s a lie. If I find the person utterly boring I probably can get enough, and fast. I often skip over blogs that have long paragraphs without any pictures in it or if they don’t take a post or two to answer questions. Silly right? Probs, but I don’t care. I some how stumbled upon this weekly link up over at ohemgee [the blog] entitled coffee talk. Well, I’m all over that.

1. What is your worst habit?

This one stumped me for a long ass time. I asked Kh to help me, but she simply gave me a blank stare and asked if she was walking into a trap. Not helpfulll! I have this pretty bad habit of not flushing the toilet after every single time I pee. Kind of gross and an over share, but thems the truth. I don’t believe in wasting water, and live by the motto if its yellow let it mellow. On a slightly less gross scale, I have a bad habit of second guessing myself and filling myself with self doubt. I can be my own worst enemy most of the time. Letting my yellow mellow and self doubt, there, my bad habits.

(utterly unimpressed face)

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Holy shit. I could honestly go on about this for.. ev..er! I have so many little ticks that can set me off into mild rages. Most of my pet peeves center around driving, or the ignorance of others. I can’t stand it when someone is driving like an arsehole only to find out they’re talking on their cell phone. People clipping their nails in public. When someone uses the word “gay” to describe something they don’t like (That’s so gay.). When I’m with a group of people and wait patiently to take part in the conversation only to be railroaded by someone else in the group… I could keep going on, so I’ll save that for a post of it’s own.

3. What is annoying you right this very minute?

The constant neediness of others. I’m often amazed at just how much others will ask of you, without ever wanting to give back. Some people will take and take until you either have nothing left to give or you snap and tell them you’ve had enough. Not surprisingly, the ladder of the two usually ends up with someone saying “What did I do?”

4. How do you relieve stress?

The number one way I used to relieve stress was to take a long hot bath. I’d instantly feel relaxed and feel all the days issues melt away. But now I don’t have a bath tub and don’t even have access to one. A hot shower just isn’t the same. I try to find solace in reading, drawing, or simply getting lost in a tv show or the internet. It’s really not the same.

5. What TRULY makes you happy?

This is a pretty loaded question for someone as full of mood swings and fluctuation as myself. I’d have to say that getting my alone time, eating whatever the heck I want for dinner (because I’m a grown up), my girlfriend, road trips, chocolate chip pancakes, and gifs of dogs doing cute things certainly make me happy.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair



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thankful days 6 – 10

day 6.

My family. Bunch of goofballs that they are.

day 7.

My health. A few hiccups here and there but I’m generally in ok health.

day 8.

Sunsets and sunrises. The closure of one day and the opening of another.

day 9.

Road trips. Driving long distances and letting the miles clear your head. I never think as straight sitting still as I do driving in a car.

day 10.

Moments of silence. I’m quick to always have background noise going, but often forget how precious silence is.

Get caught up. Days 1 – 5.


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