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goodies, and giveaway features

October is here! It’s by far my favorite month, and I know that’s being a little biased. Since it’s my favorite month I’ve decided to have a little promo within my etsy shop, The Bone and Arrow. For the rest of the month of October, get free shipping on all orders! I also love doing custom orders so don’t hesitate to reach out to me for them as well.


2013-10-13 20.05.16

I’m looking for other blogs in this blog-land that may be interested in swapping a feature giveaway, or even just sponsoring a giveaway. Email me if you’re interested. missmarieomarie @ gmail.com



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halloween recipe round up

My favorite time of year is here! Hooray! I know a lot of people can relate to this. There’s just something fantastic about the changing of the seasons here in New England. We’ve started to have some colder nights, and it’s making me want to do nothing but bake. I just don’t want to be tempted with the sweets once they are baked!

This time last year I was preparing for a Halloween party my friends and I threw. It turned out great, and I was in charge of all the food. This year we were invited to a costume party, with bringing food as an option. I’ve started to look around at some Halloween recipes and these are my favorite so far.

halloweencollage1:: | 1 |  :: Mummy Cupcakes :: | 2 | :: Cider Stir-ins :: | 3 | :: Monster Treats :: | ::

halloweencookies:: | 4 | :: Cookie Teeth :: | 5 | :: Spider Chocolate Chips :: | 6 | :: Halloween Sugar Cookies :: | ::

What are you most looking forward to this Fall/Halloween season?



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instalife and end of october shenanigans

1. Hanging out in my clients backyard. I miss being around trees.
2. Reorganizing and dusting some collectibles.
3. Veggie and hummus plate for dinner.
4. Working on some tiny art projects for a new business venture.

5. Date night! we went to see Silent Hill and got some sushi. Yum.
6. New thigh highs came from sockdreams.


The weekend before Halloween Kh and I finally decided to go get some pumpkins. In true stealth fashion, we went at night to a local farm stand. They had some adorable pumpkins, including this giant stalked one Kh is posing with.

We haven’t even carved the pumpkins we bought yet. Sad right? Halloween came and went so fast this year. In preparation for the big Halloween party my friend was throwing, most of my time was swallowed up by that.

The decorations for the party turned out awesome. Spider webs and spooky lighting. The food I made wasn’t half bad either. Ok, it was pretty damn good. See the mummy dogs? They were gone in a matter of an hour or two. Delicious! I also made the dip from this roundup I did, and Kh decorated cupcakes with spiders and eyeballs on them. They were a big hit as well.

I didn’t get any photos of what my outfit looked like, truth be told I got pretty tired after all the cooking. I wore my regular old clothes and even had someone ask me where I got my costume. A dead goth was usually my rebuttal. I painted Kh’s face in dead makeup as well. She looked awfully handsome with her suspenders on. Gosh I’m lucky. *end sap*


On Halloween itself my bestie and I went shopping and grabbed a late lunch. While on this shopping trip I came across a pair of studded flats. They reminded me of the studded flats I posted in my most recent wishlist. Except, these babies were only $15. Um, yes please.

I texted a picture to Kh and her response “So you.” Yep, it’s love. If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s finding things for cheap or discounted.

Bring on November!


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wishlisting wednesday- halloween every day

:: 1. funny bones leggings 2. new matte black leggings
3. wet look black leggings 4. resurrection black leggings ::

This is the first peter pan collar dress I’ve ever liked.

How adorable is this satchel bag?

I can’t get over this adorable pyramid kimono.

A secret message with this spinner necklace.

This stud and spike trend is making me real happy, esp these studded suede flats.


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and spiders in my hair

Last weekend I bought the finishing touches for my Halloween costume. Fake eyelashes – Check. White thigh high fishnets – Double check. This awesome veiled hat – Um hell yes. I love anything with a veil, especially a hat with a big black feather attached to it. I’m probably doubly excited about the fake eyelashes. It’s been forever since I’ve worn a pair, and I can only hope I remember how to put them on. And don’t manage to poke my eyes out in the process. Then I’d be going as a pirate, har har.

Greatest thing ever, right? The best part would have to be it cost me less than $10! Kh got home around the time I was playing with my new hat and she was pretty jealous. So, naturally she put it on and I made her take photos.

I think we’re already for the Halloween party tonight. Yayy! I’ll have photos of what we went as after. I won’t ruin the surprise!


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DIY: bat wreath

Earlier this week I posted a diy on making these sugar skull boxes. I didn’t so much make the boxes, but rather how to decorate them. This bat wreath is probably my favorite diy I’ve done in a long time. A black wreath and bats, whats not to love?


Spray paint
Black card stock
Floral wire
Stencil (or make your own)


1. Take your wreath to a well ventilated area and spray paint it, thoroughly. Make sure to get both sides and around the middle. If you want you can also use this time to spray paint the floral wire black as well, as most floral wire I’ve found is green. Using your pliers snip the floral wire in half if it’s too long.

2. While that’s drying, either draw your own stencil, or use a premade one and start tracing several bats on the card stock. I’m lucky enough to have a very talented girlfriend who  free handed the big and small bat on separate card stock paper, and ended up using a couple of large bats and several small bats.

3. Cut them out and put two holes in the center big enough for the floral wire to go through. Loop the floral wire in each hole, and place it on the wreath wherever you want the bat to be.

4. Turn the wreath over and twist the floral wire around itself to secure it on the wreath. Once you have as many bats on the wreath as you’d like, you’re done!

The dangling skeleton I found at a local craft store. I spray painted it and painted the bones on. I just love him! He goes perfect with my bat wreath.

Halloweens almost here!



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