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etsy finds: affordable holiday ornaments

November is now far behind us. December came in with a roar, and is going to leave with hopefully just as big of a roar. I still can’t believe 2014 is just around the corner. My favorite part of the holidays is coming up with DIY projects, and gift giving guides. I’ve been blessed with the ability to always be a great gift giver, so I love sharing that with others.

This year I’m taking advantage of my ability and making a few etsy find lists for everyone. Every holiday season I buy 90% of my gifts in Antique stores, local small shops that specialize in hand made creations, and on etsy. It’s important to support local and handmade artists! Shop local! So on this edition, here’s some etsy finds, ornament style!

Image:: mod snowflake ornament :: folk art redwork owl :: :: felt sheep ornament :: personalized engraved wooden ornament ::
:: candy cane :: crocheted piggie ::

Image:: needle felted gnome :: dog silhouette bulb ornament ::
:: felt gingerbread men :: felt cat ornament ::
:: mistletoe felt :: santa hat narwhal ornament ::

One of my favorite affordable ( and yet can be incredibly cute!) items is felt. You can do so much with it! Almost all of the items above are under $10, and you can even find some great tutorials on making your own at home.

Stay tuned for some more great etsy finds this week!

Happy December!



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guest post at grits and moxie (and im still sick)

Oh haiii! I have been going non-stop today since 8am. You may be thinking that’s not so bad, but I assure you I’m running on no bake cookies, trader joes brand cheetos, cold meds and Christmas cheer (I might be making that last one up). The one good thing about being sick? All food tastes the same so I really don’t feel bad about eating absolute crap. Although I don’t ever feel bad about it to be honest.. As I’m ordering chinese food online..

I just wanted to pop on here real quick and direct everyone to a guest post I did over at Grits and Moxie. It’s brought to you by this adorable quirky lovely lady Jennifer, and her blog is a daily read of mine. I was so excited to be apart of her guest postathon! So check out my guest post, and check out her blog while you’re there.


DIY Silhouette Felt Ornaments! I’m totally that crazy dog lady.

Crazy dog lady story: I bought my dogs SO many presents this year. I sat down earlier in my cold med induced haze to wrap them. My biggest dog tried to sit right next to me and watch me, but I wouldn’t let her. I didn’t want them to see their presents! I made them both lay on the couch and covered their heads with a blanket. Don’t worry, that’s usually how they lay around anyways.

They even get stockings…




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Sunday springsational DIY roundup

Here I go, hiding away again. After last Mondays incident, I haven’t been feeling up to doing much, other than resting and avoiding doing the dishes. I’ve gotten pretty good at that last part.

Usually this time of year I’m trying to hide indoors anyways. The pollen swirling around in the air always finds a way to ruin my life. This year it hasn’t been nearly as bad as previous years. I’ve even taken to enjoying the flowers! It makes my job that much easier when I don’t have to worry about allergies.

Ok, so onto better things! I’ve been seeing a lot of Spring inspired DIY’s lately. Paper flowers, birds, you name it. Here are just a few of my favorites involving string/felt. I’m feeling rather inspired and may even get out my felt and thread later today.

twine flowers :: source ::

felt dahlia brooch :: source ::

felt flowers :: source ::

felt pom poms :: source ::

I came across these painted Tom’s, how cute are they? Not to mention super Springy!

:: source ::



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Felt chicks, a DIY for Easter

Tomorrow’s Easter! Last year I made a small bean bag bunny, complete with a carrot for Kh’s Easter basket. I was scrambling for a different idea this year, when I came up with these little guys.

If you’re still scrambling for some last minute Easter DIY’s like I was, I highly recommend trying out this one. I made 3 of these felt chicks in less than an hour. Easy, and fast.


  • Felt – I used a sheet of yellow, orange, black and white. You could get creative and make all sorts of colored chicks
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
  • Felt glue
  • Stuffing (or even beans to put in them)


1. First you’re going to want to draw out a stencil for the shapes you’ll need. Or you could use the above one I put together. You’ll need a shape for the body, eyes, pupiles, beak, wings and feet. I only drew out one of the eyes, wings, beak and feet since you can just retrace each out. It cuts down on how many stencils you have.

2. Cut out the shapes and trace them onto the color felt of your choosing. Not picture is the small yellow tuft at the top of the chicks head. You can choose to include this or not. I free handed each of them and just cut them out of the felt directly without using a stencil.

3. Lay the two body pieces together, and between them have the bottom of the head tuft facing upwards to be sewn into the body. Ultimately you’ll be turning the body piece inside out, making the head tuft stand up atop the chicks head.

4. Sew the body pieces together. You can either leave the hole big enough to fit stuffing inside of it, or you could even make it wide enough to hide eggs in it or candy. Completely up to you!

5. Turn the body piece inside out. Stuff it with stuffing, or leave it open. If you decided to stuff it with the stuffing, sew the bottom hole shut.

6. Taking the other pieces of the chick, glue on the eyes followed by the pupils. Then the beak, and the wings. I find doing it in this order allows you to place the other body parts in the right spots. Lastly put on the feet and set it aside to dry.

Now you’ve got yourself a little Easter chick. How easy was that? I’m a big fan of mass producing things, so making 3 at a time was a cinch for me. It also took very little time to do.

Hope you enjoyed today’s DIY!


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DIY Felt Heart on a Stick

Today is the second to last day of my week of Valentines Day crafts. I’ve had an absolute blast making all of these, and I can’t wait until I do another week long stint of DIY’s. Between today and tomorrows DIY,  I really can’t choose which one is my favorite. I’ll let you decide for yourself.


  • 2 pieces of felt
  • A heart shaped stencil (you could draw your own)
  • Either a sewing machine or needle and thread
  • A stick (I found my sticks while taking the dogs on a walk, you could use wooden dowels)
  • Yarn
  • Felt glue/strong adhesive
  • Stuffing (I used tissue paper)


1. Trace your heart stencil on each of the pieces of felt. Cut them out.

2. Making sure the sides with any marker/pen marks on them are facing outwards, place the two pieces of felt ontop of each other. Pin the two pieces of hearts together. I used 3 pins on mine.

3. Either using your sewing machine, or by hand sew the two pieces together leaving a big enough hole at the bottom to turn the hearts inside out and glue the sticks inside.

4. Make sure you knot the ends of the sewing thread. Once securely sewn together, turn it inside out.

5. Now stuff the heart! I used tissue paper as it was the only thing I had ample supply of. Be careful not to stuff the heart to full. This can misshape it.

6. Once you have the heart stuffed to your liking, take your adhesive and stick. Place a thin line of glue on one side of the stick and put it inside of the heart.

7. Using more adhesive, put a line of glue around the inside of the opening to the heart. Very carefully fold or pinch it together with the stick still inside the heart.

8. Prop it up and let it dry.

9. I waited for an entire day before I completed it. Using whatever yarn you decided on, cut off a piece about as long as your forearm. Using your glue, make a thin line about where the end of your stitching on the heart was, down to the stick.

10. Start wrapping the yarn around the end of your heart and onto the stick. Use up all your yarn, or if you cut too much simply cut away the excess and glue the end piece down. This gives the bottom of the heart a more finished look and covers up the glue spots from where you glued the stick in.

Now, think of the options you could use these for! Cake toppers, photo props, and even (what I’ll be using them for) accents to potted plants. Instead of buying your loved one that bouquet of flowers that’s surely going to die in at least 2 days, get them a potted plant or a flower and put one of these little handmade felt hearts in it. Perfect little touch! I even like the idea of having some extra yarn hanging off the bottom of the heart, taking a photo and tying it to the yarn. A memorable snapshot, or even a clue to a bigger Valentines Day surprise.

Endless possibilities!

Stay tuned for tomorrows DIY! It’s the last of this week.


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