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DIY: paper bag lanterns

This week I’ve gotten around to finally posting a couple of DIYs, mini sugar skull boxes and a bat wreath. Today I bring you this incredibly easy paper bag lantern diy. We’re having a Halloween party at my besties house and I needed to come up with an easy and cost effective way to make lanterns for the back stairs. I found a stack of paper bags in my kitchen and thought AHA!


Brown paper lunch bags
Flameless candles
Xacto knife
Tissue paper


1. For this step, I used the stencil I made in the bat wreath DIY and simply traced two of them on one side of the paper bag, and one on the other side. Putting a piece of paper inside the paper bag I cut out each one of the bats with the xacto knife. When you switch sides, you’ll have to re-situate the paper inside the bag so you don’t cut through the sides of the folded paper bag.

2. Take the tissue paper and cut out a big enough piece to cover the cut out shapes, plus a little extra. Put a line of glue around the edges of the tissue paper and carefully glue it on the inside of the bag. I only did one side of the bag with tissue paper, it lets the light shine through more brightly on one side.

3. Put your flameless candle in the bag and done! I put my candle on top of a small tea light candle holder. It weighs down the bag and helps the candle get higher up on the bag.

You could also put some stones in the bottom of the bag.



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