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DIY: mini sugar skull boxes

I’ve decided to finally put up a couple of DIY projects. I know I’ve been slacking horribly in that department, my apologies. I haven’t had much inspiration, even this Halloween-y time of year.  Maybe that will all change when the holidays come a-knocking.


Paper mache boxes (such as these)
Spray paint
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes


1. I first had to peel off the sticker on the back of each box, then spray painted each box with an even layer of black spray paint.

2. Once the boxes were dry, I sketched out the general shape of each skull and painted at least 3 layers of white paint onto the top.

3. Now once that was dry, I drew out what designs I wanted on the sugar skulls. If you need some reference, try googling images of sugar skulls. I found some great reference photos. Cobwebs, crosses, and diamond shapes.

4. Start painting your embellishments, I wanted to use a lot of yellows reds and blues.

Once the initial coats of paint were dry, this was such a fast project. You could use them to put candy in or even little jewelry boxes. I plan on making a few more in the future, even after the spooky season has ended.



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