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Not enough AC, too many kale chips and what else is going on

What I’m loving – When my girlfriend brings me home flowers for no reason. Especially when said flowers have roses, carnations and my favorite sunflowers in the bouquet. Sophia snuggling me under the covers just before I get out of bed. This lack of humidity on 80º days, mixed with clear skies is perfect, bring on cold weather. Cooking with fresh veggies.

What I’m not loving so much – The fact my car has no AC is a pretty big downer. I missed laundry day due to a client meeting

What I’m reading – I always manage to have at least 2 books going at once. I’m alternating between A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Affinity. I’m having a harder time getting into Affinity, mostly because I’m reading it on a kindle. I keep trying to turn the pages.. I catch myself doing it then looking around to make sure no one caught me. Oh technology..

What I’m watching – I can’t stop watching River Monsters. Giant catfish, flesh rippers, and death rays! I’m such a sucker for nature shows, especially ones of the aquatic variety. When he gets on the tiny canoes trying to catch 100lb fish, ekk I get a little freaked out.

What I’m eating – Baked kale chips and Kh’s homemade salsa have been at the top of my list lately. I make the kale chips almost every Sunday (or Monday night.. depending on how motivated I am) when we sit down to watch True Blood. Add a glass of wine in there and I’m pretty much in heaven. As for the salsa? Saturday morning omelettes couldn’t get any better. After work snacking is a lot easier too. NOM

What I’m wearing – I found the perfect maxi skirt from Old Navy a couple of months ago, and since then I’ve bought 2 more. The first one I bought shrunk to an uncomfortable size in the wash (ugh I hate that!) and the next two have been perfect. I’m definitely guilty of buying more than one of the same article of clothing when I’m really in love with it.


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Wishful Wednesday: Spring time outfits

The weather here has been absolutely perfect! For my line of work that is. In the 50’s and overcast. Ever so lovely!

But I suppose it’s not all that lovely when you want to wear Spring dresses, sandals and get ready for Summer. Last week was just that, warm and Spring like. Borderline Summer weather even. With warm weather come the warm weather outfits. I have slowly begun to stock up on just that. I had to return some things to Old Navy the other day and ended up getting two things to replace it, and a credit back. I love being cheap.. er.. thrifty!

A simple black halter dress for $9. You like my super obvious tan line?

Another simple black dress for $12.

I’m getting much better at returning clothes I’m not at least 95% in love with once I get them home. They end up sitting in my closet or on the floor. I have a strange habit of not taking tags off clothes until I wear them for the first time. I won’t even tell you how many shirts still have the tags on them in my closet.

With all this talk of outfits, I couldn’t help myself and had to put together 2 Spring time finds of outfits. I’ve done this a few times before, and well, I must admit I’m a window shopper to the extreme.

:: shoes: sandal via dsw ::
:: dress: woodblock artist dress via modcloth ::
:: necklace: petal to the metal necklace via modcloth ::
:: earrings: marrakech your eye earrings via modcloth ::

Now this outfit is my favorite, and when I showed Kh the only reply I got was “So very you.” Which.. I’d have to agree. Others may like a bunch of floral prints for Spring.. but I like my solid black.

:: dress: holiday in paradise via modcloth ::
:: shoes: sandal via dsw (can you tell I love these sandals?) ::
:: earrings: textured triangle earrings via forever 21 ::
:: necklace: geo accent necklace via forever 21 ::
:: bag: studded fringe hobo bag via forever 21 (I have one just like it from dsw but you can never have enough fringe bags, amiright?) ::

This weekend I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect thrifty outfit, so watch out for that next week. Do you have any Spring time/seasonally appropriate wear that you’re drooling over lately? Share it with me!



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OOTD: A Very Chevron Wednesday

Top: Christmas gift from Kh (Old Navy)
Cardigan: Thrifted
Pants: Target
Shoes: Kmart

Scarf: Target
Hat: Handmade by me

Let me introduce you to my new favorite top. I can’t get enough of this chevron tank top Kh got me for Christmas. If only we weren’t on the cusp of winter, I’d wear this shirt every day!

Oh chevron, my weakness for you grows every day.


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OOTD: What I’m Wearing Wednesday

The weather outside is slowly getting colder and colder. While it would be silly of me to complain, considering we’ve made it in Boston until (almost) the end of December with no snow, I’m still slightly mourning  fall weather.

Winter won’t stop me from layering my fall favorites!

Leggings: Lululemon
Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M

This top I found at Forever 21, for a buy one get one free sale. The top? $12

Boots: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Kris Nations

I found these boots at a fall blowout sale at Old Navy. $20. Total score!

This is definitely one of my favorite throw together outfits as of recently. I’m trying not to live out of the boots. It’s been hard, considering they are so comfy!



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OOTD: What I Wore On The Weekend

Now, I’ll tell you right off the bat I’m doing a little cheating on this post. I have a terrible routine that always consists of me trying on 3 different outfits before I decide which one I like the most. I often will even go to bed with thoughts of outfits that lurk in my closet to avoid the morning stress of “what to wear.” Strange, yes. And no wonder I have dreams of the closet monster!

When all is said and done, I’m a rather simple dresser. I will admit I stick to my all black wardrobe pretty religiously. I only really stray from that path with a few colored accessories, scarves, tights, cardigans. And of course, nail polish. I like to incorporate different textures into my black clothes. Quilted tights, fringe (yes!), and patterns. I’m a sucker for black and white patterns.

I digress! Back to that part where I’m cheating.. I actually wore this particular outfit on Saturday when we took the pups for a walk in the park. It was pretty chilly and I later regretted not wearing my hat (that I left in the car) but I got over it quickly. Forgive the quality, I also didn’t plan and only had my iPhone on me.

Jacket – H&M from last year
Jeans – Target (fit 4 for curvy hips!)
Shirt – forever21
Shoes – Kmart ($7 on black friday)
Sunglasses – Target
Scarf – Target
Necklace – forever21
Bag – H&M

Earrings – forever21

I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow..

Until the next outfit!


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