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etsy finds: candles galore and a DIY

I’ve always believed one of the most universal gifts to give is a candle. Whether it be a tea light candle, a scented candle, or even a candle holder. You’d be really hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy some form of a candle. Even those that don’t like a scented candle, there’s so many options out there! I especially love all the candle holders!

candlesgifts:: forest green soy candle :: red ball candle ::
:: beeswax owl candle :: cinnamon and clove soy candle ::

If you aren’t looking for a candle, there are some great candle holder, votive holder, and even DIY projects out there. Buy a pack of tea light candles from somewhere like Ikea (I STILL have a bag full of them after my most recent purchased that was 2 years ago!) and you can come up with a dozen great ideas for them.

candleholder1:: geometric wood candle holders :: rustic candle holders ::
:: ceramic candle holder :: hanging jar candle holder ::

See, so many fantastic candles and candle holders out there! I, of course, am a firm believer in making things yourself. It adds that special touch to all gifts, and lets you get a bit creative. One of my favorite DIY projects I’ve found lately is for a porcelain holiday tree candle holder. It’s just too cute not to share!

6a00d8358081ff69e2019b0207d905970c-800wiDIY Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights

This DIY only really requires several materials and supplies, surprisingly simple for such an amazing piece. I love the inspiration for it. I so very often go into Target and look through their home section just to leave disappointed. I can never bring myself to spend so much money on items I could make at home. Except maybe the bar cart lately, I should talk myself into buying that.. and some of their cute linens… and shoes.. Ok. I just love Target.

But back to the DIY. I’m hoping to create something so very similiar as a Christmas gift this year.

See, how can you not love the idea of giving a candle gift set to someone! It’s so versatile and there’s just a million options out there.



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Make it Monday: mason jar candle holders

If you want an easy craft that uses minimal supplies and gives you tons of options, look no further. This whole project took me less than 20 minutes to make, and the supplies were under $8. I loved the end result and really can’t make up my mind if I want to put them on my table as a center piece or use them on my porch when sitting outside.

What you’ll need..

  • 2 mason jars
  • tea light candles
  • marbles/large beads/your choice of what to put in the jar
  • adhesive (I used e6000)
  • candles
  • yarn/ribbon

Notes: the candles you choose should be wide enough to fit inside of the tea light candles once you remove the candle from the metal tin.

Now what you do..

1. Remove the tea light candles from the metal tin it’s placed in. Take off the lid to your mason jars, and put dabs of the adhesive on the bottom of the metal tins. You may not be able to reach the bottom of the mason jar with your hand, so I took a pair of scissors and pinched the side of the tin to hold onto it, and put it into place at the bottom of the mason jar. Using a pen, push the tin down to make sure it lays flat for the adhesive to stick.

2. Let the adhesive dry. Pour the marbles, or whatever it is you decided to use into the mason jar.

3. Turn the jar sideways, placing your hand at the opening to make sure none of the marbles fall out. With the marbles on the side of the jar, take your candle and put it into the metal tin that’s not glued down to the bottom.

4. Now hold onto the candle and turn the mason jar back to it’s upright position.

5. Take the yarn or ribbon (or even a piece of clothe!) and wrap it around the top of the mason jar. Tie a little bow and you’re done.

Now tell me that wasn’t easy.


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DIY Heart Shaped Mini Candles

I’ve come to the conclusion after my week long Valentines Day DIY’s, that this one is my favorite. Yesterday’s was a close second, but this one takes the cake. Even if it was just a little bit messy.

If you missed my other DIY’s this week, here’s a little recap for you.

Last Saturday I had handmade Valentines Day cards.
Monday I posted some great Vday inspired nail art.
TuesdayDIY sculpey heart bracelet.
Wednesday Framed paint sample artwork – Hearts!
Thursday – some really yummy Valentines Day recipes and food ideas
FridaySweets for Fido, homemade dog treats
SaturdayDIY felt heart on a stick

It’s been a really great run this week, and I’m feeling more inspired than ever. I’ll be going back to my DIY Saturday posts next weekend, and already have some great projects and ideas coming your way. So be on the look out!

Now, on to today’s DIY! Mini heart shaped candles!


  • Heart shape molds (I used small heart shaped chocolate making molds)
  • Double boiler (pictures below, I used a boiling pot of water and a small glass dish)
  • Wick
  • Red beeswax
  • Scissors
  • A spoon you don’t mind getting covered in wax


1. First things first. You’re going to need to bring the water to a boil, with the small glass dish in the middle of it. While it’s starting to reach boiling, cut up pieces of the red beeswax (or use regular beeswax and dye it. I found a roll of red beeswax at my local craft store) and put it in the glass dish.

2. Once the water starts to boil, but the lid ontop of the pot and wait close to 5 minutes, or until the beeswax is melted. Keep an eye on it!

3. While waiting for the wax to melt, take your wick and cut off small pieces of it. I made my wicks a little bit longer so I could cut them down if need be.

4. By now the beeswax should be all melted. Turn off the heat. To make the next part a little easy I dumped out a lot of the water in the pot. Be very careful not to dump out any of the melted wax, nor get any water in the wax itself!

5. You’re going to have to work quickly at this part. Using your spoon, fill up the molds. My molds were small enough it only took 1 1/2 spoonfuls for each, but I still had to work quick enough not to let the wax start to solidify in the molds.

6. Taking your wicks, stick them into the middle of the hearts, or even angled upwards coming out of the top. I pushed the wicks into the bottom far enough that they warmed up just enough to stay put without any help while it cooled.

Place them in a safe place to cool down and now you’ve got some adorable miniature candles.

A few words on cleanup. I found re-boiling the water with the glass dish inside helped to break up all the dried on wax. Even on the spoon, I put it in the glass dish to boil as well. Once all the wax is melted and mixing in with the water, pour it out. Any left over wax (which should be very little) wash it in hot water while the wax is still warm itself.

I can’t give away what my plan is for these little gems, but you could use them for cupcake toppers, cute accents for a romantic dinner, or even put them on top of a nicely wrapped present. I love possibilities!



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My Owl Collection: Day 4

Purple owl: A gift from a friend
White owl: A gift from a friend
Large one eyed owl candle: Grams!
Owl bell: Grams!

Owl candle: Present from Kh

While yes, I love all of them equally, the large owl candle is one of my favorites. He’s missing an eye which I think just makes him look that much more regal and bad ass. I don’t think I could ever light his wick.


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