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Recipe – Fried Bananas


In an effort to be more proactive in posting this year, and be more active in enjoying little things in my own life, I’m trying out doing a new recipe a week for as long as I can. So with that, I’ll bring you some new recipes! Or maybe sometimes my trials and failures at cooking new recipes.

Lately I’ve been eating a bit ‘healthier’ when I’m not snowed in for days and eating left over pizza for breakfast. Part of this ‘healthier’ kick is not giving in completely to the temptation of sweets. I’m not much of a sugar and candy kind of girl, but every once in a while I do have the occasional sweet tooth.

This has been my go to on several evenings.



1 Banana – sliced
1 tablespoon of honey
Olive oil/coconut oil
Cinnamon 1 tablespoon of water


Get To Cooking

1. In a skillet drizzle the oil (whichever you decided to use) and put the banana slices in

2. Cook each side of the banana for about 1 minute, or two depending on how crispy you’d like them.

3. This step is a bit optional. Whisk together the honey and the water.

4. Remove the skillet from the heat and pour honey mixture over the bananas.

5. Let it cool and sprinkle cinnamon on them.

And Enjoy!

I’ve experiment a little bit in getting the right honey to cinnamon ratio. I tried not whisking it with water and just doing a dot of honey on each banana slice, that worked out quite well! I also messed up the ratio quite badly and had soggy fried bananas. Not nearly as tasty.

It’s a great little snack. If you like bananas!




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the bone and arrow: etsy shop

Hello everyone!

After many months of hard work, I’ve opened up my etsy shop at last, The Bone And Arrow. I’ll be featuring everything from handmade jewelry, paintings, and DIY projects. I’ll soon be selling custom orders for lampshades, and small framed art pieces.

For now, take a look! More items will be added soon.
























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my own spooky film fest

I looked at Kh the other day and with a pouty face I asked her if we could watch scary movies. She gave me a sideways glance and said “Again?”

It’s been raining on and off for the past week or so making it pretty ideal conditions to have movie marathons. Not just any movie marathon, horror movie marathons. I’m a bit of a horror movie junkie and it just gets worse in October. My mom and I used to sit on the couch watching cheesy scary movies for hours on dreary days, and I’ve continued the tradition since growing up.

I raided netflix, redbox and my own personal collection to get my fear fix. And to thoroughly annoy Kh. October is so my favorite month.

1. The Thing (2011) :: I had really been putting off watching this prequel, because I hold the original in such high regards. (That goes for a lot of remakes…) I was actually ok with it in the end. The creatures were wire puppets with cgi enhancements, which I really could have done without. It gave them a bit of a cheap look. They did a pretty good job with the classic trust no man, everyone’s a suspect. They did an even better job lining up the ending to match up with the beginning of the original.

2. Apartment 143 :: This one, I wasn’t too fond of. It was shot in the style of Blair Witch Project, handheld cameras so there was a lot of shaky movement. Right from the beginning there was action and slowly they uncovered more information. By the end you didn’t have very many questions about what was happening, but I certainly had a headache from the loud noises and constant changing of camera angles.

3. The Haunting of Whaley House :: I love a good haunted house story, but this was a little far from that. The acting couldn’t keep me interested at all. There was a few good death scenes, but by the end Kh and I were fast forwarding it at just the right speed to hear everyone talk in warp speed. That was just about the only saving grace to this movie.

4. The Fields :: Cloris Leachman. She was the best part of this entire movie. The beginning of it was severely disappointing, but eventually it picked up. It had that “boo” factor, mixed with comic relief. The scariest part was Tara Reid’s acting.

5. Lovely Molly :: Unexplainable noises, creep camera angles, and the slow unraveling of the main character. This movie was a-ok in my book. A couple of disturbing scenes and I really wished they had divulged more information about the back story of Molly.

6. Slither :: I just love this movie. Goofy and gory. What more could you ask for?

7. The Cabin in the Woods :: I had waited forever to see this movie. I knew nothing about it, and I think that was the best part. So many great death scenes, gore, and even boobs. I immediately wanted to watch it again. Zombies, and just about everything else. If you haven’t seen it yet, highly recommend it.

8. The Haunting :: If you get creeped out during this movie, I’m sorry. It’s such a cheese fest I feel like I should be eating crackers. It does have Lili Taylor in it, but it is from the late 90’s.. If you like bad cgi, and a plot that kind of just slaps you in the fact, maybe you’ll like it. Kh’s only comment during the entire movie… “I’d be too busy shitting my pants.”

I guess you could say I’m pretty addicted. Have any good (or bad) spooky movies you’ve seen lately? There’s so many of them floating around this time of year. I love it!


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Skies of blue

On my most recent trip back to upstate NY, where I’m born and bred, I realized just how much I miss seeing beautiful wide open blue skies. The skies just go on for miles with nothing but hills to interrupt the blue.

I had to get a few snapshots. Thankfully I remembered my point and shoot cannon.

It’s a little strange to not see piles of snow everywhere, but I’ll take it. It’s even more gorgeous in the Fall when all the hills are covered in a quilt of orange and red hues.

I took even more while I was driving, but they happen to either have my steering wheel in the way, or the little face of a curious chihuahua unable to sit still for a 4 1/2 hour drive.


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DIY Sculpey Heart Bracelet

Today I bring you a simple little DIY with so many possibilities. A sculpey heart bracelet! I chose to use a teal colored sculpey, and although it’s not your traditional Valentines Day colors, I’m still rather fond of it. You of course could use any color sculpey you want. Even multiple colored hearts!


  • Sculpey
  • Knitting needle (or something sharp enough to poke through the sculpey)
  • Satin thread (beading cord, leather cord, hemp etc. Anything you want to use)
  • Tape
  • Pen (or something circular to make the dent at the top of the heart)


1. Take your desired colored sculpey and rip off a workable chunk. Knead the sculpey to get it soft enough to work with.

2. From here I ripped off pieces, all of which were the size of the hearts I wanted to create.

3. Pinch the bottom of the sculpey into a point, and at the other end take your pen and press it in the middle of the top to create the top of the heart.

4. This part can be tricky! Take the sharp object you’ve chosen, and holding the heart sideways, poke a hole going all the way through to the other side. Be careful not to pinch it too much or it’ll misshape the heart.

5. Repeat! I ended up with around 16 hearts, 13 of which I ended up using on the bracelet. It’s better to have too many than to few.

Now once you have a satisfactory amount of hearts, fire your sculpey (or whichever clay you’re using) according to the specifications on the package.

Once your hearts have been fired and set aside to cool, I waited a couple of days, move on to these next steps.

1. Using whatever thread or cord you decide upon, cut off about 2 1/2 times more than what you’re making. I made a bracelet, so I wrapped the satin thread around my wrist, marked how long it was, and then doubled it and added a little extra. I wanted to make sure I had enough to make all the knots and then some.

2. Hold the two loose ends together, and at the other end tie a knot. Depending on what you chose as your thread you may need to make several knots. Leave a loop at the very end.

3. Tape down this piece of the thread securely to a table or the surface you are working on.

4. Taking one side of the thread, and one of your hearts, thread it through the heart. Keeping one side of the strong on the back portion of the heart.

5. Tie a knot. I had to tie two in order to keep the satin thread from moving and coming untied.

6. Repeat step 4. Keeping repeating it until you have as many hearts as you’ll need. As I mentioned, I used 13.

7. Now leave enough room on the string to be tied to the other end. Un-tape the other end and loop it through this end. Tie a couple of knots to keep it in place. I also put a bit of glue to hold the knot from coming undone. You can certainly close it any way you see fit. Next time I may use a clasp on the end to easily be able to remove the bracelet.

See, easy, and so many variations you could do to it. I even like the idea of making a keychain, or even a necklace.

Keep coming back this week for even more Valentines Day DIY’s!



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What’s Up This Weekend

So here it is. The Saturday before Christmas weekend. We have exactly one week before Christmas Eve. Am I ready? Not at all.

This past week was filled with Holiday DIY’s. If you missed out, here’s a recap!

Monday – Snow Globe DIY
Tuesday – Snow Globe Ornament DIY
Wednesday – Peacock Feather Ornament DIY
Thursday – Handmade Holiday Cards
Friday – Handmade Gift Tags

I feel like the past few months have snuck up on me and run away before I even knew what was happening. 2011, where did you go?

Tomorrow I’ll be having Christmas with Kh, Beck and Debs. Oh, Sophia and Lucy too! Presents are not wrapped, nor even in one central location. Cookies are not baked, and groceries have not been purchased. I finished up most of the present shopping today, so that’s one positive, right?

I’ll be making peanut butter cookies, apple pie, and possibly some other delicious snacks.

I grabbed the girls these goodies while out today. Delicious doggy treats, and an owl dog toy! How could I not. Kh thinks I bought it for myself.

I love  watching dogs open up presents. Especially if its a snack or something they can munch on.

Tonight we are heading to Kh’s company Christmas party. We have a hotel room, fancy outfits, and our dancing shoes on. Or at least packed to put on later.

This was taken last weekend at my company Christmas party. I anticipate us being a little bit tipsy tonight. And dancing to a lot of Lady Gaga.

Until tomorrow everyone! Have a great Saturday night.




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