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A very MOD New Year: a gothy polyvore outfit inspired by modcloth

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last absolute second to make any plans for New Years Eve. Not to mention waiting until the day before to pick out an outfit. I’m plagued with the “last minute” hassles all the time, and really should know better. Maybe next year!

One of my favorite websites to get special occasion dresses from, and lets be serious, entire outfits is Modcloth. They have a wide variety that fits any style, shape, and size. If you’re stuck in a complete rut they even have stylists that you can talk to to help complete your look. Which is great for someone as indecisive as me.

This is a little outfit I put together using only items from Modcloth. I’m not a girl that likes too much color, and I like my statement pieces to be in black or silver. I also like the idea of being able to wear everything separately with other pieces of my wardrobe.

Dress: Committee Celebration Dress
Booties: Lisbon There Bootie
Purse: Twist of Licorice
Blazer: Front and Convention Center Blazer
Tights: Know a Trick or Two Tights
Scarf: Head Over Heels Scarf
Belt: Sash Samba Belt
To see the whole outfit on Polyvore, follow me here!

While I know the dress comes with a teal/blue belt, I really like the idea of this sash belt with the dress. I love mismatching belts that come with pieces of clothing for other belts I have or find. Especially when I can make it match with some of my jewelry pieces I already have.

I hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic New Year! I can’t believe it’s going to be 2014.. Where did my early 20’s go?



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what im wearing to the christmas party, that im on my way to

At this very moment I’m probably on my way to Kh’s company’s Christmas bash. The power of scheduling posts ahead of time, hooray!

I didn’t want to give the secret out before the big event, but here’s what I’m going to be (or currently) wearing this evening. Minus the skull head. I put that in there for uber goth affect.


shoes : Mix No. 6 Wedge Pumps (mine are matte black)
dress : Bettie Page The Evening Unfolds Dress
pashmina : black pashmina similiar to this
clutch : cut out clutch
:: outfit on polyvore ::

The only thing not pictured is the under armor of spanx I have on. I figured I’d save you that gory detail.

The one thing I’m most proud of? That clutch. Kh went on a crazy find-everything-we-need-for-the-party shopping spree, and my only instructions were to find me a matte black clutch. She came back with that! Gosh, I love my damn girlfriend.

Maybe if I feel brave I’ll post outfit photos after the event.



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materialistic monday act 3

I’m frantically trying to put together an outfit for NYE. Why? Because a. I save everything to the last minute and freak OUT and b. we’re actually going out. Kind of. We’re going to see one of my fav bands, Deer Tick and Two Gallants! I’ve been using Polyvore to piece together outfits of things I already own (or rather items I find that are similar to what I own).  So far this concept is taking the cake.

| details of the outfit found here |

I have the black skinny jeans (obviously), the black blazer, and the studded flats. I’m on the look out for a sequined top to wear underneath. I have been such a sucker for the blazer/shirt layered look forever now. I especially love it with a cute dress or a casual top. I like to wear mine with a black v neck tee. I found a cotton black blazer from Target recently and live out of it. One of the best buys I’ve made in a while. Comfortable and versatile, just the way I like it.

If you have a polyvore account and want to follow me you can find me here! I’m slightly addicted now.



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im cheap and irritated

I’ll admit it, I’m cheap when it comes to buying material possessions. Nothing irritates me and infuriates me more than when I make the final decision to spend a little extra money than I want to on one particular item, and that item turns out to be pretty crappy.

Just under 3 months ago I bought my first pair of rain boots. I talked about it in this post. I was pretty damn excited to not have to worry about having my feet get wet while out walking all day. I wasn’t ever really blown away by Nine West, having owned a few pairs in the past but figured I’d give them a go. I have a super cute pair of pointed black flats that I bought from them. My two cents on those? They feel like hard plastic and hurt my feet. But I suffer for the cuteness factor of them.

Anyways back to these damn boots. I’ve worn them a handful of times, and actually found them to be comfortable. I looked outside this morning, saw the rain falling, and decided to wear these damn boots. I put them on and start wandering around the house getting my shit together for the day. I knock into a chair and my left boot feels a bit off. I look down to inspect what’s going on and see my boot essentially wide mouth grinning at me. Sole flapping and all.


Oh haiiiii!

Ok, that’s fun. I talk myself off a ledge and say it’s totally fine. I can glue it when I get home, no harm, no foul. Right? Yeah. Sure.

Later on in the day I feel a slight draft on my right shin. Weird, I have 2 layers of socks on and these (somewhat) hefty rain boots. I take a moment and look down. What do I see now? A slit running from one side of the boot to the other. Per-fect.


I contine with my day formulating the not so nice email I was going to write to Nine West when I got home. (Yeah, I’m my mother’s child in that aspect).

I get home and send an email to Nine West. It went something like this.

Dear Nine West,

Your boots suck my ass. And your ballet flats aren’t even comfortable either.

You suck.


Stephanie Marie

I’m lying, it didn’t say that. It was more eloquent and professional. But the point is still there.



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she not so inside

Ok, get ready for me to bitch about something.

Earlier this month I went on a “get ready for winter” spending craze. I needed sweaters, cute and comfy ones at that. I found a few great websites from reading other blogs and seeing where other ladies find cute threads. I tried out Modcloth but they can get pricey and the tank tops I got weren’t the best of quality. I settled on Tobi and Sheinside for a few things.

I ordered from Tobi, got free shipping and even received my items within a week and a half.

Now, on the exact same day, November 1st to be precise, I ordered a few sweaters, a tank top, and some jewelry from Sheinside. By the end of the day I got notification that my payment hadn’t gone through and I needed to complete it. My bank account said otherwise, as did my paypal receipt. I emailed them a screen shot showing just that.

Later in the day I get another email saying “Oh, yes your payment went through but one of your items is sold out. Do you want to replace it with something else?”. I tell them no and to just refund my money for that sweater. Another email asking me to replace it with something else. Ok, fine, how about this sweater.

1 :: 2

Great, 6 days later I get an email telling me the item has replaced the previous item that sold out. The new sweater is $3 less than the old sweater, and they made no mention of refunding me the extra $3. The email also states to be on the lookout for my tracking number.

6 days later I email them to ask where my tracking number is. “Oh it’s on it’s way, keep a look out for it.”

This brings us to November 12th as being the last date I heard from them.

I email them again 7 days later with no reply. If you’re keeping track that brings us to November 19th.

19 days of going back and forth trying to receive a straight answer about a tracking number and a refund of $3. I’m well aware of how long it can take when dealing with retail, especially depending on where they’re located, but the back and forth and aversion to a refund really got me furious. I woke up this morning and decided I’d had enough. I contacted paypal and filed a fraud claim. I’ve already heard back on their decision and received my money back in my account. Only issue now is dealing with the ins and outs of paypal. (Can I start pulling my hair out yet?)

I’m so bummed I won’t be getting these cute sweaters, but I’d rather receive my money back than never get the sweaters and lose out on those dollars. Has anyone else had poor service from an online website? I feel like there’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to the retail world than trying to settle disputes. Especially online disputes.



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and spiders in my hair

Last weekend I bought the finishing touches for my Halloween costume. Fake eyelashes – Check. White thigh high fishnets – Double check. This awesome veiled hat – Um hell yes. I love anything with a veil, especially a hat with a big black feather attached to it. I’m probably doubly excited about the fake eyelashes. It’s been forever since I’ve worn a pair, and I can only hope I remember how to put them on. And don’t manage to poke my eyes out in the process. Then I’d be going as a pirate, har har.

Greatest thing ever, right? The best part would have to be it cost me less than $10! Kh got home around the time I was playing with my new hat and she was pretty jealous. So, naturally she put it on and I made her take photos.

I think we’re already for the Halloween party tonight. Yayy! I’ll have photos of what we went as after. I won’t ruin the surprise!


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yay glasses

I started reading a new book recently that has super tiny print, causing my eyes to spazz out every time I pick it up. I had reading glasses ages ago but have since lost them. So, I bought a new pair!

Oh, and look at my new round sunglasses I got from Gypsy Warrior, my new favorite boutique ever.

And since I’m a roll with posting photos of myself, you see that sweater? It’s one of my brand new ones that I couldn’t decide on that or the other one. Naturally I bought both, and here’s the other one I got.

Kh has taken to calling me “Little Sleeves” lately, and it’s pretty fitting.



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