that time I quit my job

I talk an awful lot about my job and clients, without really ever talking about what it is that I do for a living. That can be summed up to me being a little bit secretive. Weird, since I have a blog right? So here it is, I’m a full time dog walker/pet sitter/pet care provider extraordinaire.

Before I really get into that, let me tell you about how I quit my last job. By all accounts I had a great job. I was the manager for front of the house operations of a health and wellness spa. Translation? I was the retail and front desk manager. Inventory management, placing seasonal orders, meeting with reps.. I essentially got to feed my shopping cravings by placing orders for the spa. How great is that?


Ok so on the surface it seemed pretty great. After the first 5 months, I wanted out. Long hours, only made worse by the countless hours spent in front of a computer screen. I was growing tired of the 9-5-if-I-was-lucky job. The breaking point to me came in the form of constant body shaming, and diet talk. I’ve had my highs and lows with body acceptance, and was at a high when I first started working there. They offered yoga and core fitness classes, which I had never tried before. It opened up my world and I realized how much I enjoyed both.


Now enter the dreaded diet talk. I’m not one to diet. I don’t even like partaking in diet talk. I try to eat healthy, and some days I don’t eat so healthy. I don’t beat myself up over it, or cause myself any unwanted mental anguish over eating too many carbs in one day. Each day there was talk of what cleanse was to be tried, how many calories were in the protein bars we had for sale, and my personal favorite was listening to people cut down on their food intake one day because they had a slice of pizza the day before. Uh, what? One second, let me go get my left over pasta I brought for lunch.

I don’t think there is one body size that is perfect. I think women, people, are beautiful. I’m a size 10, I’ve got hips and some curves that go here and there. I’m ok, no, I’m proud of this. I’m a woman, what’s not to love about that? We come in so many shapes and sizes, women have bodies, hearts and souls. It hurt my head (and even my heart) to hear the countless beautiful women come through the door and just straight up hate on themselves. If there’s one conversation you will never get me involved in, it’s the body shame game. If you start to talk about how you hate your large butt, you’ll probably be talking to the back of my head. I love a large butt, and a tiny butt. Butts are great!

My high, was turning into a low. I wasn’t happy there, and dragging myself into the line of body shaming fire every day became tiresome. I was fighting to hold onto who I was, and what made up my inner workings. Maybe others felt differently there, but place the corporate pressures on top of everything and I was ready to get out.

A friend of a friend needed some help with her pet sitting business. I started helping her out part time, and soon thought “hey I could do this.” Fast forward a few months later and I’m a full time dog walker on the brink of starting my own business. I’ve had some highs, and definitely some lows. Doing this kind of work isn’t for everyone, even if everyone says it’s their dream job. I’m always on the go and very rarely can say no to a client request. I love my four-legged clients, it’s like I have an extended family of creatures that never talk about how much weight they’ve gained or how their pants don’t fit anymore.

Cause dogs don’t wear pants.. duh..


After years of being plagued with the restless job syndrome, I’ve finally found a job that I truly enjoy doing. The potential to do so much with it is there, and not to mention the flexibility to have a life outside of work. I still have my moments of utter hopeless “what am I doing”-ness, but it’s much less severe than it used to be. The starting point to finding your way is getting the right footing, lets hope I’ve got mine.





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4 responses to “that time I quit my job

  1. My company is like that…I avoid the lunchroom and the trip to the cafetaria w/ the ladies because the diet bashing, the one lady saying, “Carbs Carbs Carbs or Starches starches starches” makes me want to pull my hair out! It sucks. I’m glad to hear that you have a job now that makes you happy!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

    • Avoiding the lunchroom sounds like the safest bet, especially for your hairs sake. Being happy at a job is so important, especially since you spend most of your time there. No need to be miserable.

  2. Popped by from Grits and Moxie (hello!). This is an inspiring post, and I’m glad you’ve found something you enjoy doing. I’m still on that journey, trying to find the right footing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂

      Finding the right footing is so hard, I often even find myself saying “is this right?” even after I feel solid in my own footing. I guess as people we are ever evolving and changing, so one right step might not be right the next day. Good luck on your journey though, one foot in front of the other 🙂

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