im cheap and irritated

I’ll admit it, I’m cheap when it comes to buying material possessions. Nothing irritates me and infuriates me more than when I make the final decision to spend a little extra money than I want to on one particular item, and that item turns out to be pretty crappy.

Just under 3 months ago I bought my first pair of rain boots. I talked about it in this post. I was pretty damn excited to not have to worry about having my feet get wet while out walking all day. I wasn’t ever really blown away by Nine West, having owned a few pairs in the past but figured I’d give them a go. I have a super cute pair of pointed black flats that I bought from them. My two cents on those? They feel like hard plastic and hurt my feet. But I suffer for the cuteness factor of them.

Anyways back to these damn boots. I’ve worn them a handful of times, and actually found them to be comfortable. I looked outside this morning, saw the rain falling, and decided to wear these damn boots. I put them on and start wandering around the house getting my shit together for the day. I knock into a chair and my left boot feels a bit off. I look down to inspect what’s going on and see my boot essentially wide mouth grinning at me. Sole flapping and all.


Oh haiiiii!

Ok, that’s fun. I talk myself off a ledge and say it’s totally fine. I can glue it when I get home, no harm, no foul. Right? Yeah. Sure.

Later on in the day I feel a slight draft on my right shin. Weird, I have 2 layers of socks on and these (somewhat) hefty rain boots. I take a moment and look down. What do I see now? A slit running from one side of the boot to the other. Per-fect.


I contine with my day formulating the not so nice email I was going to write to Nine West when I got home. (Yeah, I’m my mother’s child in that aspect).

I get home and send an email to Nine West. It went something like this.

Dear Nine West,

Your boots suck my ass. And your ballet flats aren’t even comfortable either.

You suck.


Stephanie Marie

I’m lying, it didn’t say that. It was more eloquent and professional. But the point is still there.




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