my girlfriend leaves me

When I first started dating Kh, she used to travel a LOT for work. Brussels, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Colorado.. All over, for different lengths of time. We’d skype, text, and email when we could. I’d hide little love notes in her luggage for her to find later on and mope around the house until she got back.

This past week she traveled to Vermont for a few days. I wasn’t as mopey as I usually am, but I did avoid watching horror movies because I didn’t want the poltergeist to act up or a clown to come out of my shower drain.

The best part about her going away? Her return! She always brings me back prizes, including coffee mugs. My favorite.




So here was my bounty.

:: Pure maple syrup
:: Pure maple syrup sugar
:: Maple syrup Vermont mug (!!)
:: A chocolate from the hotel (it’s going in pancakes)

I want to find a cookie recipe to put the maple syrup sugar on top of it. Delicious! I’m drinking my morning coffee out of my new mug, while Kh drinks her coffee out of the New Jersey mug she brought back on one of her other trips. I love a state mug. But I love my weekends even more.




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