friday letters #2


Dear Winter, Stay away just a little bit longer. I’m loving this 50º weather in December. Dear Work, Could you possibly decide if you want to pick up or not? Having one day during the week that’s incredibly busy isn’t helping my bank account. Dear Blogland, I’m getting confused with so many blog name changes. Should I be changing my name too? Ahhh! Dear Hair (on my head), I’d like for you to grow faster. I know I just decided I wanted long hair, and I’m playing with your emotions, but this helmet head I’ve got going on is not cute.  Dear Period, I’m glad you decided to come when you did, and with such gusto this month. I mean, destroying a super tampon in an hour and finding your messy way almost to my knees, impressive. Dear Pimple Below My Eye, You’re really holding out aren’t you? Dear Hangover, Two days strong now. Gtfo already. Dear Friday, I thought my girl friend was supposed to be home by now. I want to start watching horror movies again so please make her get home soon. Oh, with sushi too. Dear Old Dog Staying At My House, I’m sorry I had to put a dryer sheet in your sweater. You smell really bad. My apple scented candle isn’t even masking it. Dear Other 4 Dogs Sleeping In My House, Shhhh stay asleep.





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