materialistic monday act 1

It’s that time of year! Gifts, presents, prizes, spending money.. I could usually do without. I’ve disliked Christmas for many years, for many different reasons. My mom always hated the holidays and was a grouch pants, which is probably where I got it from. Once I started dating Kh, she’s made Christmas a time of year I look forward to. We both get so excited to get gifts we know will truly reflect the others tastes. Aside from the few gag gifts we give, we try to out do one another. This year our goal is to cover the floor around our tree with prizes.

I remember running downstairs Christmas morning SO fucking excited to see the presents under the tree. That was progressively squashed out of me as childhood turned to adolescents.. Growing up is shitty. We’re trying to recreate that excitement this year. Our first Christmas living together. I’m keeping up with the tradition of buying the girls (my dogs) stockings as well. I found the cutest beaver toy! Kh says I have an issue with getting the dogs to play with the beaver.. har har.

Kh has no shortage of ideas for what to get me. But I decided for the next 4 Mondays I’m going to have a wishlist post. Why? Because I can not stop fake window shopping online, I’m not allowed to buy for myself, and screw it I love making a picture collage.

The theme for today’s materialistic wishlist is SWEATERS!

I love the black print on this  Winona Cardigan .
A chevron patterned fringe poncho? Sign me up.
For some reason I love the bell sleeves on this flare lady sweater.
A sweater with a skull print on the back, my favorite.

You caught me, I love a skull print.
A chunky holed sweater. Yes.

Until next week!




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