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liebster award

The Liebster Award is an e-ward that’s been floating around blogland for a while now. It’s a sign of appreciation that one blogger bestows upon another blogger with less than 200 followers. Quite some time ago now my friend Janine over at Salvage Love bestowed it upon me, and just recently Jennifer from Grimmricksen nominated me, as well as Becky from United States of Becky.

Since I can’t say no to a questionnaire, I’m going to participate in it.


– Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
– They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
– They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag & award with the Liebster award (nominees must have less than 200 followers). These lucky bloggers must be told in a comment on their blog.
– They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

1. I went to an art school in Columbus, Ohio when I first graduated High School.
2. I’ve lived in Philadelphia and Portland Oregon. Now I reside outside Boston.
3. I’ve tattooed 2 people with the same image I have tattooed on the side of my left knee. Which makes my 3rd bro-tattoo with some of the same folks.
4. I think I have somewhere around 30 tattoos. If you count the letters across my toes.
5. My life goal has been to get knuckle tattoos when I turn 30. I reach for the stars, ppl.
6. I love anything super macabre. I have animal bones, various teeth molds, and religious iconography strewn about my house. As decoration of course, not just chilling on the floor.
7. I don’t wear any color other than black, except when it comes to my accessories like stockings and scarves. It all started when I was a sweaty beast of a teenager and hasn’t much improved over the years. Black very rarely shows pit stains, ftw.
8. I can either be found watching Disney movies or horror movies.
9. I’ve been a nude model on and off since I was 18. I’m more comfortable naked than clothed most days.
10. I’m a pretty secretive and private person.
11. I am the worst person to make plans with. I always decide last minute to do something so it’s pretty often that I make plans weeks in advance, then day of don’t feel like doing it. I’m working on this..

QUESTIONS (from Jennifer)

1. Favorite sweets recipe?
I’m not that big of a sweets fan, even if the only pancakes I’ll eat are the chocolate chip variety. I’ll also eat a no bake cookie like nobodies business.

2. What colors do you use to decorate for the winter/Xmas/Chanukah season?
My living room is already painted green and I have large red curtains separating it from the dining room, so technically I’m ready for xmas all year.

3. What is the meaning/story behind the title of your blog?
My middle name is Marie. Ever since I was little my mom has called me “miss marie” or “stephanie marie” when I was in trouble.

4. Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they and how did you get them?
Aside from Miss Marie, a couple of my girl friends and I call each other Beaner. Ta ta ree is another.. The only nickname I won’t respond to is “Steph”.

5. Favorite quote?
Oh gosh.. I’m a sucker for any kind of quotable magnet.

6. Night owl or early bird?
Somewhere in between. I used to be a night owl, now I can barely stay up past 10pm without a nap. And getting up before 8am takes some pushing.

7. Are you crafty? If so, what kind of artsy endeavors do you partake in?
Oh gosh.. I used to craft a lot more than I do now. I have two etsy shops I’m working on getting up and running. I make jewelry, dream catchers, I knit hats and infinity scarves. I’m also a painter and photographer but it takes a lot of pushing to get me to do either of those these days.

8. How did you meet your best friend?
I’m blessed to have a couple of best friends. My bestest bestie I met in 6th grade math class. I told her I liked her sneakers and we’ve been friends since. My next bffl I met at photography school. First day of shooting outdoors we got to talking and realized we had the same birthday and are the same age, instant friends.

9. What’s your favorite book… you know… the one you read over and over again? That one.
Lets see.. I’ve read “On The Road” about a dozen times. I’m also a big fan of “Jaws”.

10. Beer, wine, or liquor?
All depends on my mood. I’ve partaken in my fair share of consuming all of the above. Usually I stick to white wine, with the occasional gin and tonic.

11. If they made a movie about your life, who would play the main characters?
Me? Mia Kirshner or Winona Ryder. Some crazy chick for sure. Kh? Someone exceptionally handsome.

My Nominees

This was hard considering most of the blogs I read have already been nominated, and have a million followers. So here’s a list of blogs you should check out because they’re pretty great.

Natalie @ The Spunky Poser    23seventeen
Shanon @ Gin and Bare It
Jes @ The Militant Baker
Jennifer @ Grits and Moxie
Emily @ Tee Tree
Marci @ like a small fire / moose in chartreuse.

I’d love for anyone that reads this to answer the questions. I love a questionnaire, and I’m sure others do too!

My Questions

1. When you were a wee one, what were your dreams? Ambitions? Did you want to be a vet on the moon?
2. How did you learn there was no tooth fairy? (If your parents/guardians had you believing in the first place)
3. What’s your favorite dish to bring to gatherings?
4. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?
5. What’s your favorite movie?
6. What about animals. Got a favorite animal?
7. Do you have any regrets in your life that go beyond regretting what you ate for dinner last night or the junk food you’ve indulged in?
8. Got any pets? Tell me about them.
9. Lover or a fighter?
10. What’s your before bed routine?
11. How tall are you?




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merry xmas!


Merry Christmas everybody!


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what im wearing to the christmas party, that im on my way to

At this very moment I’m probably on my way to Kh’s company’s Christmas bash. The power of scheduling posts ahead of time, hooray!

I didn’t want to give the secret out before the big event, but here’s what I’m going to be (or currently) wearing this evening. Minus the skull head. I put that in there for uber goth affect.


shoes : Mix No. 6 Wedge Pumps (mine are matte black)
dress : Bettie Page The Evening Unfolds Dress
pashmina : black pashmina similiar to this
clutch : cut out clutch
:: outfit on polyvore ::

The only thing not pictured is the under armor of spanx I have on. I figured I’d save you that gory detail.

The one thing I’m most proud of? That clutch. Kh went on a crazy find-everything-we-need-for-the-party shopping spree, and my only instructions were to find me a matte black clutch. She came back with that! Gosh, I love my damn girlfriend.

Maybe if I feel brave I’ll post outfit photos after the event.



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im pretty much a party animal

I’m slowly coming back to the land of the living! I can breathe fully out of one nostril, and my sense of taste is starting to come back. Do you know what that means?!

Of course you don’t.. It means I sat at the dining room table and ate 10 mini reeses cups! er.. Yeah, I did.

To celebrate not being out of my mind sick, I’m having a glass of wine and watching Kh play Skyrim. Exciting, right? I like it when she dragon shouts at things, I’ll randomly yell “FOSH ROOOW DAH” and continue with my business. I’m sure she appreciates it as well. She gave me the hairy eyeball about my glass of wine, but I simply told her I’m pre-gaming for tomorrows holiday bash. I think I’m completely in the right on this one.

I want to get my blog caught up on all the happenings since I’ve been sick.

So, let’s start with precisely one week ago. Right before I got hit with the worst of my cold, my good friend CF came over for pizza and wine night. She brought her 6month old puppy so I could finally meet her and we did a small gift exchange. I used to see this girl every day for about 3 years, and now every few months we get together. We’d spend days so hungover we couldn’t talk to anyone at work, go out dancing, and generally cause an obscene amount of tomfoolery. Oh, yeah and scavenge left over french fries like we were wild hyenas. She’s hilarious, and I just adore her. I know she’s reading this, so hey CF!


She knows me too well. Look at this owl mug! Complete with hot chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallows (that are individually wrapped?!) to put in it. Ridiculously cute. I told Kh to keep her grubby paws away from those marshmallows..

The next night we had Christmas at Kh’s best friends house. We stuck with stocking prizes this year, and ran so late by the time we got there everyone was 2 seconds from bed time. I love being included in this Christmas tradition, and even more so love the taco cups her friend Bman makes.


I made out. Amiright? Everyone jokes about how easy I am to buy for, but I pretty much am the easiest person to buy for.

My goodies included:
:: The owl mug I talked about in my coffee talk post. SERIOUSLY how can you not love this thing? It’s huge!
:: SKULL shaped sprinkles
:: Peanut butter M&M’s (I know I don’t like many sweets, but come.. the eff.. on..)
:: Biore pore perfect strips – yes
:: A starbucks gift card
:: No sew fabric glue – I’ll take 300 thanks
:: 2 pairs of knee high stocking-like-socks – yes and yes

Then this past weekend we partook in more consumerism in overly crowded stores filled with cranky people. It was great.

2 out of the 4 days this week I was non-stop until about 6pm, starting at 10:30. Which usually means I’m in my car driving, walking, driving, running, driving. Today was my first mildly easy day all week. I took advantage of it by stopping back home to eat my left over chinese food for lunch. And another reeses mini. What? I’m addicted. It’s a sign my business is taking off, without me even taking the first steps. I’m slightly terrified, wondering if it’s really what I want, and slightly elated. Let’s just see where this goes, shall we?

I’ve moved onto my second glass of wine, Kh is still playing Skyrim, and some how mac and cheese is cooking on my stove. I better go see what that’s about.





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guest post at grits and moxie (and im still sick)

Oh haiii! I have been going non-stop today since 8am. You may be thinking that’s not so bad, but I assure you I’m running on no bake cookies, trader joes brand cheetos, cold meds and Christmas cheer (I might be making that last one up). The one good thing about being sick? All food tastes the same so I really don’t feel bad about eating absolute crap. Although I don’t ever feel bad about it to be honest.. As I’m ordering chinese food online..

I just wanted to pop on here real quick and direct everyone to a guest post I did over at Grits and Moxie. It’s brought to you by this adorable quirky lovely lady Jennifer, and her blog is a daily read of mine. I was so excited to be apart of her guest postathon! So check out my guest post, and check out her blog while you’re there.


DIY Silhouette Felt Ornaments! I’m totally that crazy dog lady.

Crazy dog lady story: I bought my dogs SO many presents this year. I sat down earlier in my cold med induced haze to wrap them. My biggest dog tried to sit right next to me and watch me, but I wouldn’t let her. I didn’t want them to see their presents! I made them both lay on the couch and covered their heads with a blanket. Don’t worry, that’s usually how they lay around anyways.

They even get stockings…




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materialistic monday act 3

I’m frantically trying to put together an outfit for NYE. Why? Because a. I save everything to the last minute and freak OUT and b. we’re actually going out. Kind of. We’re going to see one of my fav bands, Deer Tick and Two Gallants! I’ve been using Polyvore to piece together outfits of things I already own (or rather items I find that are similar to what I own).  So far this concept is taking the cake.

| details of the outfit found here |

I have the black skinny jeans (obviously), the black blazer, and the studded flats. I’m on the look out for a sequined top to wear underneath. I have been such a sucker for the blazer/shirt layered look forever now. I especially love it with a cute dress or a casual top. I like to wear mine with a black v neck tee. I found a cotton black blazer from Target recently and live out of it. One of the best buys I’ve made in a while. Comfortable and versatile, just the way I like it.

If you have a polyvore account and want to follow me you can find me here! I’m slightly addicted now.



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reason #5000 why my girlfriend is the best




She brings me home flowers when I’m sick.



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