thankful 26 – 30

day 26.

The internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to post all this nonsense, or get lost in animal pictures for hours.

day 27.

Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night my bffl comes over and we have (lots) of wine and dinner. Pizza, cheese and crackers, veggies.. It’s a great time to catch up and unwind. Even if some times I think she’s way too straight to be my bffl.

day 28.

Knowledge. It doesn’t grow on trees, ya’ll. Or is that money..

day 29.

Booze. After a long day, I’m so very thankful for that big glass of white wine. hells to the yes.

day 30.

Life. Neverending and seemingly so very long.. Or a tremendous adventure one day at a time. Either perspective, which changes daily for me, I’m still mystified and thankful for this life I have.

The end bitches.



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  1. Haha love your list! Definitely thankful for booze.

    Btw I’m having a 2 year anniversary blog giveaway! Check it out!

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