1 year blogiversary!

It’s time to do a little reflecting. A year ago this past Saturday the 24th, I first started this blog of mine with a recipe roundup. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about myself, the type of blog I want to have, and the type of blog I certainly don’t want to have. My initial intent when starting this blog was to have a place I could post DIY projects, and roundups of easily accessible inspiration. For both myself and others. I was on the fence as far as how much personal details I was willing to share, as by nature I’m a very secretive and private person.  It doesn’t help that a lot of my family members read this, so keeping it even mildly PG-13 was always at the forefront of my mind.

So far I’ve skirted away from talking about:

  • I have a girlfriend, but very rarely discuss our relationship or much surrounding it. I originally was afraid to have my blog become a “gay” blog, pigeonholing me and scaring off potential readers. So, I stayed away from discussing sexuality and gender identity at all. Both of which I have strong feelings and opinions on.
  • I’m horribly sarcastic and have a million random stories that happen to me. Anything from old men following me around staring at me with erections to people catching me picking wedgies in elevators. I stay away from my random stories mainly because I’ll let it slip that I find people to be general assholes, myself included.
  • Sex. Remember, my mom and grandma read this.
  • How very much of a feminist I am. Equality for all, betches. I’m very sickened by male entitlement, and I have very few males are in my life. I live a very female empowered life. Even down to having 2 female dogs. (har)
  • Humor. Funny stories. Poop jokes.

I originally modeled my blog off from blogs I had been reading at the time. Keeping everything positive and focusing on making life seem like a constant ride on unicorns with perfect outfits and always groomed hair the color of rainbows and popsicles. Pfffft! Within the past 6 months, I’ve become quickly irritated by even my old posts that come close to that. That’s not life, and that’s certainly not how my life is. My life is messy with ups, downs, sideways twists and bouts of poopyness. I’m not saying anything negative about those that do portray that, more power to them, it just takes far too much energy for my liking.

I’ve also drifted far from the constant DIY project updates. I found myself knee deep in finished projects I had no place for. Giving them to friends and family only works for so long. I still do projects around my house, but I don’t really want to photograph them for everyone to see.

Things change. People are on an ever changing path of evolving, at least they should be. I’m not the same person, nor at the same place in my life I was a year ago. I’m happier, and more solid in my general attitudes toward.. living. I’m also completely ok with being a scatter brain and making things up as I go along.

With that, my blog is going to be taking a different course until it finds the right one, or at least I find the right path for it. I’ll be working to find that “blog voice” that so many talk about.

Upwards, and always onwards.




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7 responses to “1 year blogiversary!

  1. Happy blogiversary! I’m looking forward to snarktastic feminist wedgie jokes about sex! 🙂 Or, you know, just your more genuine voice in general.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You’re blog is awesome and I always look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing here in blog land 🙂

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