owl pellets and hidden bones

Oh, Sunday morning.. In my most recent post about the weekend I made mention of dissecting owl pellets. I set up shop in my dining room, got my morning cup of coffee, put on a cheesy horror movie and started dissecting a couple of owl pellets I still had from last year.

I’ve always been fascinated with owl pellets, ever since elementary school when we had to dissect and put together the bones we found in the pellets. So much fun!

I hit the pellet jackpot with this one. A full skull!

I’m going to do a hydrogen peroxide soak and bam! I’ll probably be making jewelry or framed art with it.

I found the kit, pre-sterilized on Amazon for $10 this time last year. I’ve had pretty good luck with the previous 2 pellets, but this one was the mother load. I mean, look at that skull! So excited.




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3 responses to “owl pellets and hidden bones

  1. Marci

    I think this is the most random thing of the week, but also the coolest. I had no clue that this was even a thing someone could do, but now I really want to dissect one…

  2. Anonymous

    How cool is that!

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