a booze and bond filled weekend

I didn’t want to harp too much on Thanksgiving festivities, other than my thankful posts this year. Truth be told I’ve never been much for the Holidays (shhh). I took a 4 day weekend this past weekend to try and do a bit of recouping, the first time in about 9 months I’d voluntarily taken a day off. We packed up the car and left for CT late Wednesday night. Traffic is usually unbearable around Thanksgiving, but we escaped unscathed.

Thanksgiving was filling and relaxing. We sat around most of the day and spent the night drinking too much white wine. Leading to the tiniest of hangovers while trying to get some Black Friday shopping done. I needed to start on my Holiday shopping, and forget every year how terrible it is out there on BF. The girls came with us and had far too much fun terrorizing Kh’s parents german shepard through a fence, and staring out the glass window at the neighbors.

We got home Friday and of course had to put up the Christmas tree.

Saturday I tried to continue doing some Xmas shopping, and just ended up having a mini anxiety breakdown after 2 stores. My biggest issue with this time of year is the constant push for cheer and good will towards your fellow woman (or man), when in reality everyone turns into a raving lunatic. I got lost in a store for 20 minutes because of the crowds going crazy for a raffle. Or maybe my sense of direction failed me.. either way.. Scary! We played it safe the rest of the night and had a quiet night at home. Making art, sipping gin and tonics, and watching Dark Shadows.

We got stir crazy Sunday afternoon (after I spent the morning dissecting owl pellets, post coming up next!) and went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall. I was enthralled with the opening credits, and the rest of the movie wasn’t half bad either. My local theater serves booze, so that certainly helps with any movie.

Yay weekends! Now back to the daily grind. I’m so busy this week; my post is even a day late.




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2 responses to “a booze and bond filled weekend

  1. i loved the bond movie! it was totally different!

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