she not so inside

Ok, get ready for me to bitch about something.

Earlier this month I went on a “get ready for winter” spending craze. I needed sweaters, cute and comfy ones at that. I found a few great websites from reading other blogs and seeing where other ladies find cute threads. I tried out Modcloth but they can get pricey and the tank tops I got weren’t the best of quality. I settled on Tobi and Sheinside for a few things.

I ordered from Tobi, got free shipping and even received my items within a week and a half.

Now, on the exact same day, November 1st to be precise, I ordered a few sweaters, a tank top, and some jewelry from Sheinside. By the end of the day I got notification that my payment hadn’t gone through and I needed to complete it. My bank account said otherwise, as did my paypal receipt. I emailed them a screen shot showing just that.

Later in the day I get another email saying “Oh, yes your payment went through but one of your items is sold out. Do you want to replace it with something else?”. I tell them no and to just refund my money for that sweater. Another email asking me to replace it with something else. Ok, fine, how about this sweater.

1 :: 2

Great, 6 days later I get an email telling me the item has replaced the previous item that sold out. The new sweater is $3 less than the old sweater, and they made no mention of refunding me the extra $3. The email also states to be on the lookout for my tracking number.

6 days later I email them to ask where my tracking number is. “Oh it’s on it’s way, keep a look out for it.”

This brings us to November 12th as being the last date I heard from them.

I email them again 7 days later with no reply. If you’re keeping track that brings us to November 19th.

19 days of going back and forth trying to receive a straight answer about a tracking number and a refund of $3. I’m well aware of how long it can take when dealing with retail, especially depending on where they’re located, but the back and forth and aversion to a refund really got me furious. I woke up this morning and decided I’d had enough. I contacted paypal and filed a fraud claim. I’ve already heard back on their decision and received my money back in my account. Only issue now is dealing with the ins and outs of paypal. (Can I start pulling my hair out yet?)

I’m so bummed I won’t be getting these cute sweaters, but I’d rather receive my money back than never get the sweaters and lose out on those dollars. Has anyone else had poor service from an online website? I feel like there’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to the retail world than trying to settle disputes. Especially online disputes.




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4 responses to “she not so inside

  1. Oh geez, that sucks. The sweaters look some comfy, but I agree that I’d rather not support a store/shop/company that has such terrible service. Sorry you got the run around!

    Oh and I “nominated” you for the Liebster award. Go for it if youre up for it, if not… eh.
    Check it out:

  2. I have had horrible luck with PayPal actually (after a fraudulent online purchase…in which PayPal ended up shutting down the seller’s account…because she’d scammed others). They credited my account initially, while they researched the issue. Even though the seller was at fault and legitimately shady (I spent $ & ended up with no product), they couldn’t get the $ back from her (that she owned everyone she scammed) so they took away the $ they’d originally refunded me (months later). Moral to the story: even though PayPal refunded you the $, make sure you don’t spend it…..
    You should report the Sheinside to the Better Business Bureau (and/or a website that I found where you can file fraudulent online activity — it’s where I reported the seller in my case above — just google it). Ugh…sorry you’re going through this….

    • That is so horrible! It’s one of my worst fears when it comes to buying online. I’ve harassed paypal almost every day since. I’m not one to let things go easily. I’ll definitely be looking into reporting them, thanks for that tip.

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