you want it, she’s got it

I’m always really bummed when my weekends are over with, especially weekends when good friends come to visit. My best friend lives in NYC, and while that’s quite close, I don’t get to see her as much as I wish I could. We have an ongoing tradition that every year for (or around) her birthday she comes and spends it with me. This year being no exception. Saturday morning she took a bus in with her girlfriend and started her birthday weekend with Kh and I.

Saturday night we planned a get together for her with a few of her friends that live in the area.

Can you spot my creepy cackle face in the second picture? A couple of dark and stormys and my hangover from the night before was all but a forgotten memory. Thank you rum for kicking gins ass.

The next day we went out for brunch at The Friendly Toast. It was quite a bit of a wait, no surprise there, so we just goofed off outside until we were finally seated.

After somewhere close to 45minutes we got seated and immediately ordered everything and anything. Coffee, tea, blueberry gluten free pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, home fries.. Oh my! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Silly things happen when we’re hungry.

After breakfast, my bestie and I stole off to watch the newest Twilight movie. We’ve seen the past couple in the theaters and of course had to keep that tradition alive as well. It was.. interesting. The cgi baby face that slowly became cgi small child face was a bit creepy. I liked this last movie more so than the previous one, that’s for sure. Especially since it’s the end. C and I mostly sat there giggling like a couple of 15 year old girls. Bella’s crazy constant perfect eyelashes drove me to irritation town. “Oh look I just woke up and have perfect eyeshadow on.” Phoooey.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. I had a great time visiting with my bestie, I just wish we had more time together. Now I’m bummed it’s Monday and I have to get back to work. Blah! I do have a 4 day weekend because of Thanksgiving and taking Black Friday off soo.. I should stop complaining.



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