friday’s letters #1

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m completely brain dead this week and have been having the hardest time articulating posts. I could take a mini-break, but the holiday season is upon us and I’m sure I’ll be taking no less than 1 million breaks then. So! I’m going to do another link-up.

Dear Sophia and Lucy, I don’t know which one of you peed on the couch but I’m not all that thrilled. Especially since my two favorite (just washed) blankets were on that very cushion you peed on. Brats. Dear Universe, I’d like to have that “ah-ha” moment any time soon now. Even just the slightest sign I’m on the right track would be pretty amazing. Dear Kh, Please send me a list of a few xmas prizey you would like to get, or else! Dear Holidays, be over with as quick as possible. Dear Winter, that goes double for you. Dear Bank Account, Do me a favor and magically fill up with more dollars. Feeling this broke when I have to start holiday shopping is giving me mild anxiety. Dear Laundry, do you ever stop? It’d be great if you washed yourself and put yourself away.




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