coffee talk #1

Whats your favorite color? What did you eat for dinner?.. A/S/L? Ok that last one may be going to far, but I’m mildly obsessed with questionnaires and lists. Remember myspace surveys? Yeah, I was an addict. I can never get enough of reading about what someone is eating for dinner and what their favorite book is currently. Ok, that’s a lie. If I find the person utterly boring I probably can get enough, and fast. I often skip over blogs that have long paragraphs without any pictures in it or if they don’t take a post or two to answer questions. Silly right? Probs, but I don’t care. I some how stumbled upon this weekly link up over at ohemgee [the blog] entitled coffee talk. Well, I’m all over that.

1. What is your worst habit?

This one stumped me for a long ass time. I asked Kh to help me, but she simply gave me a blank stare and asked if she was walking into a trap. Not helpfulll! I have this pretty bad habit of not flushing the toilet after every single time I pee. Kind of gross and an over share, but thems the truth. I don’t believe in wasting water, and live by the motto if its yellow let it mellow. On a slightly less gross scale, I have a bad habit of second guessing myself and filling myself with self doubt. I can be my own worst enemy most of the time. Letting my yellow mellow and self doubt, there, my bad habits.

(utterly unimpressed face)

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Holy shit. I could honestly go on about this for..! I have so many little ticks that can set me off into mild rages. Most of my pet peeves center around driving, or the ignorance of others. I can’t stand it when someone is driving like an arsehole only to find out they’re talking on their cell phone. People clipping their nails in public. When someone uses the word “gay” to describe something they don’t like (That’s so gay.). When I’m with a group of people and wait patiently to take part in the conversation only to be railroaded by someone else in the group… I could keep going on, so I’ll save that for a post of it’s own.

3. What is annoying you right this very minute?

The constant neediness of others. I’m often amazed at just how much others will ask of you, without ever wanting to give back. Some people will take and take until you either have nothing left to give or you snap and tell them you’ve had enough. Not surprisingly, the ladder of the two usually ends up with someone saying “What did I do?”

4. How do you relieve stress?

The number one way I used to relieve stress was to take a long hot bath. I’d instantly feel relaxed and feel all the days issues melt away. But now I don’t have a bath tub and don’t even have access to one. A hot shower just isn’t the same. I try to find solace in reading, drawing, or simply getting lost in a tv show or the internet. It’s really not the same.

5. What TRULY makes you happy?

This is a pretty loaded question for someone as full of mood swings and fluctuation as myself. I’d have to say that getting my alone time, eating whatever the heck I want for dinner (because I’m a grown up), my girlfriend, road trips, chocolate chip pancakes, and gifs of dogs doing cute things certainly make me happy.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair




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4 responses to “coffee talk #1

  1. Not having a bath tub for an extended period of time would be intolerable for me. I think I’d have to find a giant bucket, fill it up and sit in it like in the pioneer days.

  2. if i didn’t fear losing my job i might go straight for vodka in my coffee cup every morning.

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