current november going ons

Loving.  Getting out of my creative funk. I sunk pretty deep in it recently, even shunning doing any form of yoga or my usual work out routine. You know I’ve got it bad when I start generally acting like a lump on a log. I’m working on a tiny art series to fill these mini frames I bought, as well as sketching out new jewelry I’m designing. I’m also pretty much loving everything about my apple scented candle I found.

Not loving so much. This sinus pressure! I almost completely forgot how terrible it is for me this time of year. Moving from a warm car, to the cold air, then back into warm houses is killing me. Today I had to take sinus medication (which I hate) and sit in a dark room for a while. Oh! And to make that even better, my landlord sent 2 guys over for the 2nd time in one day  to try and fix a leak in the wall behind my kitchen sink. Without any warning, they’re taking power tools to the wall and tearing apart my sink. They arrived just in time for me to not get to finish my yoga workout, and I don’t get to shower. Hooray for them. Ok I’m done bitching..

Reading. I just started reading Spook – I’ll update more on how I’m liking it once I’m farther along. November is a brand new month (duh stephanie..) and I’m hoping to outdo my 2 books from last month. I was seriously slacking.

Also I’ve been reading these articles:

Dear Women: Wake the F*ck Up – a great article on the current and future state of things for women in an attempt to raise awareness and uh wake people up.

On many levels I could relate to this article on what it’s like being a teen girl. I know I haven’t been a teen in years, but still. I was subjected to many of the same things this girl talks about. My first padded bra came from boys my age telling me I had triangle tits and shaming my body. Ok ok I won’t go on about that forever, just read it.

Do you judge the person you used to be? – I know that I have my moments of self judgment, mostly stemming from who I used to be.

Watching. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should be watching this. Cher and Kathy Griffin telling the gays to listen up and vote. I’ve had such a crush on Cher forever. Mermaids, The Witches of Eastwick, Mask.. I’ve loved her in all of them. I haven’t seen a few of her newer movies, in truth because they’ve seemed kind of terrible and I don’t want my crush to die.

Working on. Myself, isn’t that always the case?

Wearing. I’ve been living out of leggings and boots. I don’t even give a care, I love leggings and I’m not afraid to say it.



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