frosted ground and a recap of some favs

I woke up yesterday and thought “holy shit! It’s November!” That may not have been my very first thought, but it was a close second at least. I then took the dogs outside and saw frost on the ground, and felt the bitter wind hitting my face. I’ve been having a lot of those “where has time gone” moments as of late.

I didn’t do as much blogging last month as I had hoped, but I’m not one for too much planning out of posts. It’s more natural and organic when you go with the flow. And much more my style.

Here’s a recap of a few of my favorites from the past month.

I invested in a new pair of reading glasses.

I found a new gluten free banana muffin recipe, with chocolate chips!

One of my new favs, a DIY bat wreath. Can I keep it up all year?

My post on how I get out of a creative funk and try to stay inspired.

I got a new pair of footy jammies.

My guest post over at grimmricksen. All about books!

October was a great month, and so many great things are in store for November. I have a bunch of ideas for posts and so much going on in my regular ole life. New business ventures, narrowing in on school, and uh Thanksgiving. Apple pie! Pumpkin pie! Stuffing! Yayyy…



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