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thankful 26 – 30

day 26.

The internet. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to post all this nonsense, or get lost in animal pictures for hours.

day 27.

Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night my bffl comes over and we have (lots) of wine and dinner. Pizza, cheese and crackers, veggies.. It’s a great time to catch up and unwind. Even if some times I think she’s way too straight to be my bffl.

day 28.

Knowledge. It doesn’t grow on trees, ya’ll. Or is that money..

day 29.

Booze. After a long day, I’m so very thankful for that big glass of white wine. hells to the yes.

day 30.

Life. Neverending and seemingly so very long.. Or a tremendous adventure one day at a time. Either perspective, which changes daily for me, I’m still mystified and thankful for this life I have.

The end bitches.



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coffee talk #3

I had three cups of coffee today, and I’m still ready for bed at 7pm. I’m an old lady that’s probably going to crap her pants before the day is through. Hooray! Coffee talk.

1. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

My middle name is Marie and my mom has always called me “Miss Marie”, or “Stephanie Marie” when I was in trouble. It’s kind of stuck and I even have “Miss Marie” tattooed on my wrists. I’ve used different variations of it throughout the years, and Marie, Oh Marie was the natural evolution of it.

2. How long have you been blogging? What made you start?

Funny, I just did a blog post about my blogiversary! This past November 24th made an entire year of blogging for me. I originally started because I had a stressful job and needed an outlet for creative projects. I’ve learned a lot over the past year, and will continue to grow personally and through my blog. But to be completely honest, I’ve been blogging since 2004, the days of livejournal and other sites. I was a pretty active member on a notorious scandalous site and kept (some times still post on it) a very active blog. Mostly just pictures of boobs and dirty jokes these days.

3. What is your blog generally about?

I’m still working that part out. I’ve done DIY projects and generally do one a month or so. I’ve tried outfit posts but I’m very much a “lazy gypsy goth” wearing all black, all the time and that can get old for others. I post a lot of dog pictures, not surprisingly since I’m a dog walker. I mostly just post random adventures and daily life activities.

(older diy posts: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : )

4. Do you have any funny blogs you would like to share?

I like any blog that keeps it real, tells ridiculous stories, oh yeah and uses a bit of profanity. I’m a sucker for a potty mouth.

5. What are your hopes for your blog?

I just hope it continues to be an outlet for me, while perhaps giving others mild source of entertainment or inspiration. It’s always a relief to me to find someone in blog-land that shares the same outlook on life as I do, and definitely reassuring when I see others feel the same way I do. Whether it be lost, confused, on top of the world, or just trying to figure their shit out too. Who the heck knows what the future will bring me or this blog o’mine.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair



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1 year blogiversary!

It’s time to do a little reflecting. A year ago this past Saturday the 24th, I first started this blog of mine with a recipe roundup. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about myself, the type of blog I want to have, and the type of blog I certainly don’t want to have. My initial intent when starting this blog was to have a place I could post DIY projects, and roundups of easily accessible inspiration. For both myself and others. I was on the fence as far as how much personal details I was willing to share, as by nature I’m a very secretive and private person.  It doesn’t help that a lot of my family members read this, so keeping it even mildly PG-13 was always at the forefront of my mind.

So far I’ve skirted away from talking about:

  • I have a girlfriend, but very rarely discuss our relationship or much surrounding it. I originally was afraid to have my blog become a “gay” blog, pigeonholing me and scaring off potential readers. So, I stayed away from discussing sexuality and gender identity at all. Both of which I have strong feelings and opinions on.
  • I’m horribly sarcastic and have a million random stories that happen to me. Anything from old men following me around staring at me with erections to people catching me picking wedgies in elevators. I stay away from my random stories mainly because I’ll let it slip that I find people to be general assholes, myself included.
  • Sex. Remember, my mom and grandma read this.
  • How very much of a feminist I am. Equality for all, betches. I’m very sickened by male entitlement, and I have very few males are in my life. I live a very female empowered life. Even down to having 2 female dogs. (har)
  • Humor. Funny stories. Poop jokes.

I originally modeled my blog off from blogs I had been reading at the time. Keeping everything positive and focusing on making life seem like a constant ride on unicorns with perfect outfits and always groomed hair the color of rainbows and popsicles. Pfffft! Within the past 6 months, I’ve become quickly irritated by even my old posts that come close to that. That’s not life, and that’s certainly not how my life is. My life is messy with ups, downs, sideways twists and bouts of poopyness. I’m not saying anything negative about those that do portray that, more power to them, it just takes far too much energy for my liking.

I’ve also drifted far from the constant DIY project updates. I found myself knee deep in finished projects I had no place for. Giving them to friends and family only works for so long. I still do projects around my house, but I don’t really want to photograph them for everyone to see.

Things change. People are on an ever changing path of evolving, at least they should be. I’m not the same person, nor at the same place in my life I was a year ago. I’m happier, and more solid in my general attitudes toward.. living. I’m also completely ok with being a scatter brain and making things up as I go along.

With that, my blog is going to be taking a different course until it finds the right one, or at least I find the right path for it. I’ll be working to find that “blog voice” that so many talk about.

Upwards, and always onwards.



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owl pellets and hidden bones

Oh, Sunday morning.. In my most recent post about the weekend I made mention of dissecting owl pellets. I set up shop in my dining room, got my morning cup of coffee, put on a cheesy horror movie and started dissecting a couple of owl pellets I still had from last year.

I’ve always been fascinated with owl pellets, ever since elementary school when we had to dissect and put together the bones we found in the pellets. So much fun!

I hit the pellet jackpot with this one. A full skull!

I’m going to do a hydrogen peroxide soak and bam! I’ll probably be making jewelry or framed art with it.

I found the kit, pre-sterilized on Amazon for $10 this time last year. I’ve had pretty good luck with the previous 2 pellets, but this one was the mother load. I mean, look at that skull! So excited.



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a booze and bond filled weekend

I didn’t want to harp too much on Thanksgiving festivities, other than my thankful posts this year. Truth be told I’ve never been much for the Holidays (shhh). I took a 4 day weekend this past weekend to try and do a bit of recouping, the first time in about 9 months I’d voluntarily taken a day off. We packed up the car and left for CT late Wednesday night. Traffic is usually unbearable around Thanksgiving, but we escaped unscathed.

Thanksgiving was filling and relaxing. We sat around most of the day and spent the night drinking too much white wine. Leading to the tiniest of hangovers while trying to get some Black Friday shopping done. I needed to start on my Holiday shopping, and forget every year how terrible it is out there on BF. The girls came with us and had far too much fun terrorizing Kh’s parents german shepard through a fence, and staring out the glass window at the neighbors.

We got home Friday and of course had to put up the Christmas tree.

Saturday I tried to continue doing some Xmas shopping, and just ended up having a mini anxiety breakdown after 2 stores. My biggest issue with this time of year is the constant push for cheer and good will towards your fellow woman (or man), when in reality everyone turns into a raving lunatic. I got lost in a store for 20 minutes because of the crowds going crazy for a raffle. Or maybe my sense of direction failed me.. either way.. Scary! We played it safe the rest of the night and had a quiet night at home. Making art, sipping gin and tonics, and watching Dark Shadows.

We got stir crazy Sunday afternoon (after I spent the morning dissecting owl pellets, post coming up next!) and went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall. I was enthralled with the opening credits, and the rest of the movie wasn’t half bad either. My local theater serves booze, so that certainly helps with any movie.

Yay weekends! Now back to the daily grind. I’m so busy this week; my post is even a day late.



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thankful days 21 – 25

day 21.

Yoga. I’m lucky if I make time for one 30 minute session in my week, but when I do I find myself feeling much more rejuvenated and in a better mood. I was always one to shrug off activities like yoga, thinking it was too crunchy for me. I was quite wrong, and am very glad I have it in my life. In one small form or another.

day 22.

Food. lots and lots of food. And the fact that I’m able to eat and have a roof over my head.

day 23.

My comfy bed. Pillows, comfy comforter, and a pair of thick socks. Done for.

day 24.

Adventures. I can never have enough. I love change and starting new.

day 25.

Mascara. I’m not sure I could live without it. Seriously.


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coffee talk #2

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m not going to really be talking about that. Instead here’s another coffee talk link-up.

1. What is your favorite drink called? What are the ingredients in it? 

My go to drink is always a gin and tonic. And to be specific, Hendricks gin. I always have a lime and sometimes even a cucumber in it. Delicious. My second favorite drink is a dark and stormy. Goslings rum and ginger beer. I’m so picky with my dark and stormy’s that I only really drink them at one bar or at home. A bad dark and stormy ruins my day.

2. How old were you when you first got drunk?

I was 18 and it was off cheap vodka. The next day I experienced my first hangover resulting in throwing up french fries out of my nose. Oyyyy.

3. Name an embarrasing moment about you or your friends that occured while drinking.

I have a lot of goofy random stories from drinking, not a whole lot of them are embarrassing. It takes a lot to embarrass me (thankfully!). Several months ago while walking from dinner and drinks with Kh and my friend Craig, I had my phone open texting another friend at a bar we were heading to. Tra la la.. Minding my own business, staring at my phone when SMACK. I ran face first into a parking meter. I step back stunned while the two I was with just chuckled and got a grand old kick out of it. That was mildly embarrassing, and painful. I could also tell you the story of drinking too much tequila and pooping my pants in my apartment, but you don’t want to hear about that..

4. What is your favorite party drinking game?

In my older age I’m not very into parties or drinking games at parties. I get rather anti-social and just want to hide away. I’ve played my fair share of flip cup, and beer pong, but I’d have to say my favorite drinking games involve improvisation and being at home. While watching Ghost Adventures we try to drink every time they say “dude” or “bro”, but can barely keep up. We also like to try and drink anytime Gina Gershon closes her mouth in Showgirls, it’s a great way to stay sober.

5. Are you a happy drunk? Sad drunk? Sleepy drunk? Paranoid drunk? or other?

I used to have a slight problem with alcohol. Using it as a means to cope with my surroundings and emotional state, and having it ruin a lot of things in my life. Thankfully I got it under control and I’m not such a hot mess anymore. I’ve gone through a lot of drunk phases. I used to be an incredibly social, and happy drunk. I’ve slowly become a quiet anti-social drunk. I have a few drinks and want to get in my pajamas and just be at home. Oh, and hate on people.

6. Are you a hard drinker (straight liquor, shots, etc.)? Fruity drinker (daiquiris, mixers, etc)? not a drinker at all? or Other?

I’m a mixed drink, dry white wine drinker. I can’t drink anything too sugary or fruity, my teeth feel like they’re going to fall out and my head starts swimming. Well. who am I kidding. Give me a drink that’s not too sweet or made with tequila and I’ll try it.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


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