and spiders in my hair

Last weekend I bought the finishing touches for my Halloween costume. Fake eyelashes – Check. White thigh high fishnets – Double check. This awesome veiled hat – Um hell yes. I love anything with a veil, especially a hat with a big black feather attached to it. I’m probably doubly excited about the fake eyelashes. It’s been forever since I’ve worn a pair, and I can only hope I remember how to put them on. And don’t manage to poke my eyes out in the process. Then I’d be going as a pirate, har har.

Greatest thing ever, right? The best part would have to be it cost me less than $10! Kh got home around the time I was playing with my new hat and she was pretty jealous. So, naturally she put it on and I made her take photos.

I think we’re already for the Halloween party tonight. Yayy! I’ll have photos of what we went as after. I won’t ruin the surprise!



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