footy jammies!


I recently made mention of going on a crazy spend-a-thon that quickly ended with a spending freeze for at least the rest of the month. Ok, I may have lied. I went to the store the other day and found.. theseee!!

After wearing them for less than 5minutes I’m happy to report that if I reach too far above my head the crotch goes right up mine, and if I bend over it goes right up my crack. But who cares! FOOTY DINO PJS!

I’m just a big kid at heart. I remember having a few pairs of footy pjs when I was a kid. I used to HATE the footy part. I hated them so much I’d cut the footy part off. With how cold my floors get, I can’t see me doing that any time soon.

Yaaay footy pjs!






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5 responses to “footy jammies!

  1. Marci

    Those are pretty awesome! I love the dinosaurs

  2. Meg


  3. I love this! I’ve wanted to get myself a pair of footie pjs for aaaagges!

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