random moment of the week v.2.5

(ok I know this story involves a moth, and that’s a butterfly. I don’t have many moth photos)

Once or twice a month I make banana bread. I always remember being completely grossed out by frozen brown bananas in my grandmas freezer. I’d think “Ew, get rid of those things already!” Fast forward 18 years and what’s in my freezer? Frozen brown bananas.

As part of my fall goals, I wanted to bake more. So Monday night I pulled out some brown frozen bananas and let them thaw. Banana muffins here I come! I was super excited remembering I had some chocolate chips in the cupboard, you bet your ass they were going in the mix. I get all the ingredients out, and reach for the flour. I keep the flour in a tight lid container on top of the fridge. I put it on the counter top, noticing something weird inside. I open the lid and inspect it further. There’s a moth just hanging out in the flour. Well, not so much hanging out but dead. Uh, gross!

I remember I had whole wheat flour, so I go for that. I open up the bag and a moth FLIES out. Ok, no. My whole banana muffin scheme came crashing down around me. Then I remembered I had some almond meal I just bought.

Banana muffins are back on! And have since been almost entirely devoured.



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