current happenings.

Loving. Tuesday nights have unofficially turned into bffl night. Thankfully Wednesdays are pretty slow for me so I can trudge through with a (slight) hangover. My bestie comes over, I get an extra big bottle of wine and some munchies and we just veg out. I have very few good female friends in my life so I really cherish the ones I do have. I can tell her anything and never feel judged, that’s so important for someone slightly all over the map like me. I need to attend a “how to make friends 101” course.

Not loving so much. How slow work has been the past 2 weeks. I’m hoping it’s not an indication of the oncoming months. I’m being pretty indecisive on school stuff, and I’m getting all turned around on my next steps in general. When do you get that definitive “A-ha! I should be doing that!” moment? I’m waiting for it.. still waiting..

Reading. Did you miss my post earlier today? Check out my feature on grimmricksen to see what I’m reading. I’m almost done with “Down Among the Dead Men” (love it) and can’t wait to get started on yet another book.

Watching. I’m going to have a true confession right now.. I’m getting caught up on The Vampire Diaries. I’m such a sucker for supernatural/cheesy/dramas, especially tv shows containing all 3. Which that show certainly has. Whenever I put it on, Kh runs screaming from the room. It’s turned into a guilty pleasure I hide, like when I eat ice cream for dinner. I mean.. what.

Working on. A sketchbook project. I’ll be talking about that more next week. I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing, which isn’t working out to well right now. Inspiration, can you hurry up and bite me in the ass?

Wearing. It’s just getting cold enough for me to wear one of my knitted hats (an example from last year). Every year I end up making one for just about everyone I know, and even their significant others. I’m not much of a knitter, but I think I’ve perfected the art of knitting on a loom. I don’t just make hats, I’ve been known to bust out a scarf or two (or maybe a million). I’m at the stage of thinking about growing out my hair, so throwing a hat on it is perfect when I don’t feel like styling it in the morning. Which, lets face it, is just about every work day.



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