instalife: little bit more of october

1. One of my favorite kitty clients. She’s a Maine Coon, and so so pretty.
2. Looket this little thing.
3. Book I’m currently reading.
4. My first attempt at wood burning. Kh says it’s a pog, I say it’s a mess.

5. See that shirt behind me? Remember that shirt. I have such a great story (if you like stories involving going on a mad discounters hunt to find the perfect replica) coming soon.
6. Like my new fro do?

7. A cobweb I spotted after a heavy rain. There were a dozen of them all over.
8. I love heavy shadows.
9. Playing in wet leaves at the cemetery.
10. I love what causes heavy shadows.


Really random, amiright? It’s been a random couple of weeks. I don’t want to do constant instalife updates, so I’m breaking them up and might just start using the photos in posts. I’ve been pretty silent on my blog, and just recently ripped the band aid off. Meaning? Ta hell with it. I’m going to tell random stories and be overly sarcastic like I would any other day. I’m actually more outgoing in person than on the internet. I probably won’t be talking about my sexcapdes on here, my grandma reads my blog (Hi Grams!) but I’ll be sharing more of my life.

In small doses.

I’m going to have a kind of gross random moment later this week. A current happenings post. Maybe a recipe or two.. and some other good stuff. I’m not one to really plan out my blog posts. When I do that my mind explodes and it turns into pure anarchy. I decide I don’t want to post something for the sake of posting it and end up refusing to. I know, my inner dialogues are real mature most days.

Oh! And I found out one of my best friends is having a baby boy. I can’t wait to get her all sorts of cute gifts and see her preggo belly. I hope she names him after me, Stephen Mario, that’ll work right?




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