and that was my weekend

This weekend I decided to build a money tree, and promptly set it on fire. Burn money, burn! Ok, not really, but I did manage to spend a whole shit ton of money. I’m usually not one for material possessions. Consumerism, and having the biggest best newest thing on the market has always flown completely over my head. I don’t even usually like buying a new pair of socks, figuring I can do with out until I absolutely need them. I managed to live out of a suitcase for 2+ years and loved the simplicity of it. But, Winters coming, and I needed to splurge a little.

First stop? I ordered from Sock Dreams on Saturday. I’ll have to dedicate a full post to how great they are. Here’s me opening my package that got here in less than 2 days (whuttt!). Thigh-hi socks in less than 2 days, amazing.

Friday night Kh and I went to a favorite bar, where we actually had our first date over 2 years ago now (aww, eww). I had no less than 3 million dark and stormys, and she insisted on taking random-bar-lit photos of me. Splurge number 1.

Saturday night we were invited to a CD release party/performance of a really good friends boyfriends band, Richard James and the Name Changers. We took a lovely fall evening stroll (check that off my fall goals, booya) and before making it to the venue we sat outside at Charlies Kitchen (slightly froze to death) and had the perfect slightly hungover meal. They even had an old grill turned fire pit to warm our hands after holding onto chilly beers. Splurge number 2.

I’m not impressed.

But I do love bathroom graffiti, especially when it involves lesbians.

Que Sunday. Right on time with my hangover in tow. After sleeping in, of course, we headed out to do some shopping. I bought my first pair of rain boots and a new pair of black boots. Not the perfect pair, but I’m searching. I also couldn’t stop myself, I loved 2 different sweaters with patterns on them, so I bought both. Ahhh, I’m so bad at decisions and it saved me the pain of deciding. And splurge number 3.

I’m officially putting myself on a spending freeze for.. ever. I’ll have to update with the goodies I got, which half of isn’t even reflected in this post. I’m so very ashamed. Tomorrow I’ll put up an insta-catchup-on-life post, which may be it for a while. I’m tired of them. Ho-hum.

I hope you all had a great weekend!




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3 responses to “and that was my weekend

  1. Marci

    Your splurges seem like choice decisions! The sweaters look like really cute finds

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