one down

I can’t believe I haven’t done more on my fall goal list. I’m quite sure fall is the shortest season in New England, so I need to cram a million adventures into the next couple of weekends. There’s a farm within half an hours drive from my house, which has cider donuts, apple picking, and pumpkins just waiting to be carved. Guess where I’ll be road tripping to soon?

I have an entirely different list of things I want to do before Halloween passes me by. One of which – play with face paint. Kh has already climbed on board with my scheme and we’ll probably turn it into a photoshoot.

This weekend we’re going to the last roller derby bout of the season, then sneaking off to a friends CD release party. For now I’m laying around in my pj’s watching horror movies on netflix. I skipped out on pilates this morning, and don’t even feel bad about it. Sometimes you just need a break. But I have had somewhere around 500 cups of coffee and should be starting this day already.

Have a great weekend!





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4 responses to “one down

  1. I am in love with Fall pictures… and Tucson doesn’t have much of a Fall, so I’m soaking in the leaves in Utah!

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