random moment of the week v.2

This weekend (like most weekends) we had to dedicate half a day to the dreaded running of errands. Laundry, groceries, blah blah zzz… I’m really not a big fan of it, and Kh usually has to drag me along kicking and screaming. Real mature right?

We had just put a load of blankets in the dryer at the laundromat and had way too much time on our hands. We grabbed a bite to eat.. then I dragged her to Old Navy. I figured I needed a little retail therapy, and to see if they had any cute sweaters in for the fall season yet. They didn’t, boo! On my first walk through the aisles I had to dodge 4 kids running around screaming their heads off, while throwing a football at each other. I narrowly missed getting it in the shoulder and couldn’t help but wonder where the kids parents were.

While I’m contemplating this and making a B-line for the door, I watch a little boy no taller than my waist grab onto a mannequin. “Oh no, this can’t be good,” I think. I was sure he was going to pull the mannequin to the ground, and I’d have to watch it’s head roll across the floor. Did he smash it to the ground? No. Did he demolish it? Nope.

What did that little boy do? He humped it.

I just chuckled, and we headed to the photobooth in the mall.

What else did I do this weekend? We went to the fair, and walked through a cemetery. What did you do this weekend?



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