autumn leaves and polaroid film

Not only did we go to the fair this weekend (that post is here), we also decided to take a stroll through Mt Auburn Cemetery. Around this time last year I took so many great photos, you can see that post here, that I really couldn’t pass up going again. The day wasn’t as sunny as we had hoped, and it was even a little chilly. Perfect excuse to bust out my winter sweaters. Don’t mind if I doooo.

I’ve been obsessed with my new instax mini, and I already need to buy more film after my weekend adventures. I forgot how much I really love film photography, instant or not.

That’s a face of love.

And here’s my polaroids.

( I love this one! Kh took it in one of the mausoleums. I want to believe that’s an orb in the left corner)

I can’t wait for next weekend. I guess I have to make it through the rest of this week first.. Boooo… How was your weekend? Are you enjoying fall?





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3 responses to “autumn leaves and polaroid film

  1. Marci

    Your polaroids turned out super cool! I like Kh’s shot of inside the mausoleum. Totally a little friendly animal spirit or something in that bottom left corner. All these bloggers getting into film cameras is really starting to make me want one! Did you order yours online?

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I actually got mine as a gift from a friend, but he did get it on amazon, and surprisingly it’s under $50. I highly suggest investing in a film camera, they’re so much more satisfying than digital πŸ™‚

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