instalife: if there’s one thing I keep up with..

1. When goths go shopping for clothes
2. During a “at home” spa night involving fire, I got burnt. It’s healing up now and shaped like a heart.
3. Obligatory bathroom mirror shot after 3 beers at the concert I went to last week.
4. I went to work with Kh and helped! Or rather sat on the couch reading The Hunter Games (SO GOOD!)

5. Chocolate chip pancakesss! I’m eating so unhealthy this past week.
6. My local grocery store has the worst produce. Hi little nibbles taken out of a pear.

7. I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. It was raining outside. This was the response I got. I take that as a no, eh?
8. That face!
9. Lucy wanted my rice pudding.


It’s October, which is my favorite month out of the entire year. I’ve already started to watch horror movies, bake delicious goodies, and I’m knee deep in Halloween crafts. My bestie and I have decided to throw a Halloween party, and I’m in charge of food and decorations. Perfect! Bat wreath, sugar skull dishes, you name it. I’m on top of it! Even more importantly, coming up with my costume. I’m thinking something along the theme of psycho killer chick. I won’t give away too many details, but she’s one of my crushes.

I’ve had two girls nights recently, got sucked into a couple of good books, and keep wanting to nap away these rainy days.

It’s time to get back to window shopping for knee high socks and leg warmers. Yay cold weather.




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2 responses to “instalife: if there’s one thing I keep up with..

  1. Oh I wish I could have a Halloween party again this year! Last year, my sisters and I had a fantastic party and I made everyone’s costumes. I wanted to do it again this year and take it a step further. Blast!! I think having a costume party on other days besides Halloween is acceptable…right? >.<

    • absolutely! I think the entire month of October it’s acceptable to have a party each and every day. It’s just expanding on the greatness that is Halloween, right? 🙂

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