well ain’t that the truth

There’s a few things I know for sure at the end of this week.

:: I’ve spent more days this week hungover than not.

:: I haven’t left the house at night without my red lipstick on, and I’m falling back in love with red lips.

:: I don’t know anyone that encounters as many awkward moments in their day to day lives as I do.

:: Fudge swirl ice cream makes a bad day better.

:: At home spa treatments can turn dangerous when fire is involved. The giant burn on my boob is proof of that.

:: People can be crazy.


It’s been raining all day. I counted down the minutes until work was finally over with. I’ve jumped into Kh’s seasonally inappropriate pajamas (candy canes!), put on my knee high socks, and I’ve had a night of doing nothing. I was so social this week (hence the never ending hangover) that I can’t wait to just veg out and not move from this couch all night.

I’ll be indulging in a marathon of horror movies to get me in the right mindset for October, and maybe a bowl or two of ice cream. I’m already on bowl #1.

A lazy night of perfection. What do you have going on this weekend? Pilates is canceled tomorrow morning, and we’re debating going to a carnival. We didn’t get to go to the one farther away, but there’s one only 30 mins away this weekend. We also have a friends housewarming party to go to. This all is of course going down after I get to sleep in and make chocolate chip pancakes.

Yay weekend!



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  1. alisaferris

    Those awkward moments make for great stories! ❤

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