fall food love – a roundup of recipes

Have you heard? It’s fall. I’ve said it at least a dozen times, and I’m quite sure so has every other person I’ve come into contact with recently. There’s so many things I love about fall. Sweaters, boots, apple cider.. Halloween.. and all the good food I can start cooking. When it gets colder out all I want to do is bake, and try out new recipes. I’m still having a bit of a lull in my cooking creativity, and I hope I can knock myself out of it soon.

A few of the recipes that have really caught my eye lately are mostly desserts (opps!). I don’t eat meat (or rather very rarely eat meat), so I found some great meat-free hearty recipes to try out.

This is my absolute must try recipe. Vegetarian shepard’s pie, I mean, cmon! Delicious.

I’ve never tried this either, but mushroom stroganoff looks and sounds pretty amazing.

Spiced squash, chickpea and potato stew. YUM!

Can’t I just eat these hasselback potatoes and nothing else?

Ok so I’ve got a thing for potatoes.

I know I said I was focusing on some hearty recipes, but look at these little dessert treats. It would be dangerous to have these in the house, I’d probably eat them all in one night. Chocolate and peanut butter is the deadliest combination ever for me. Yum..

Peanut butter and chocolate oat bars.. I mean for real?

I could probably spend hours looking at recipes and make a million “to make” lists. I think I’ll start by making the Shepard’s pie this weekend. Potatoes, potatoes!! Are you looking forward to baking/cooking this fall? Got any recipes you are dying to make?




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2 responses to “fall food love – a roundup of recipes

  1. Kimmy

    I am so hungry now. -.-

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