september birchbox – my last month

I did it. I made the plunge I had been hesitantly weighing in on since I started getting my birchbox in the mail.. I canceled my subscription. I loved getting the products in the mail, but overall I wasn’t completely satisfied with the variety from each month. I got a lot of hair elastics (hi, short haired gal here), perfume samples, and generally things that didn’t interest me. I found myself saying “eh this month kind of sucked” a little too often. When you first sign up for your birchbox, you take a survey letting them know what types of products you’d be interested in receiving. Great right? Maybe I just goofed on my survey.

Anyways! Here is the last bit of products I received in my birchbox.


1:: Birchbox and Color Cube Custom Collection: Put a Pin In It
I actually loved the color I got. It was a pink metallicy shade, and I got a lot of compliments on it. The only downfall? It chipped so easily. The same day I put it on, it was chipping away. Boo! I loved getting the nailpolish samples in the mail. I have a lot of polish colors and like to get samples of colors I’d usually never choose.

2:: BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir
“.. think Grace Kelly on a starlit evening.” – Sounds nice right? For $83 a bottle it should be. I’m sure it’s real nice if you like perfume scents. I do not. (Sounds bratty right?)

3:: The Brush Guard Variety Pack
Great idea! The only issue (collective gasp here) I don’t own any brushes. I’m not much for eyeshadow, and I don’t use a brush to apply lipstick or eyeliner.

4:: Twistband Lace up for Fall
I used to sell these at the boutique I managed, and everyone loved them. I’m told they don’t pull your hair, but they do get a little loose I’m told if you have thinner hair. I can see the appeal, sadly, short hair gal here, remember?

5:: Vasanti BrightUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
“This powerful exfoliator mimics the results of professional microdermabrasion, minus the potential for redness and sensitivity.” – I haven’t tried this yet, but it is certainly the only thing thus far in the box I loved. Especially with winter fastly approaching (ekk I said it..).

6:: WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit: Real Clean and Ideal Skin
A little to go pack of cleanser and tinted moisturizer for when you’re on the go. Cute idea! I’m always hesitant to use a cleanser or tinted moisturizer that I haven’t thoroughly tested. Sensitive skin can be real testy at times. The wrong cleanser and I’ve got blemishes for days.

They also included a little fall look book, which was a nice touch. It has fall fashion and tips for my absolute favorite season.

And! That’s not it. A coupon for Madewell. They did quite well with the extras this month, but I still had to say so long.

In it’s place I’ve decided to get a year subscription to Bust Magazine. I’ve always been a huge Bust fan, but I’m not one to go buy a magazine. This way, it’ll come right to my house! Yay!



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