Random moment of the day v1.5

Ok, so this didn’t actually happen today. It happened on Monday, don’t hold that against me.

I have a client that lives in Charlestown, which just so happens to be littered with film crew trucks at the moment. I haven’t quite looked into what is being filmed, but it’s putting a tad bit of excitement into my usual boring route I walk him on. We’re walking down the street, minding our own business, dodging film trucks, my head phones blaring some NPR episode when I realize there’s a man walking rather fast behind me. I pause my headphones and turn around to see what his deal is. I generally don’t talk to people, because more often than not they turn out to be creepers (and lets face it, I watch too much SVU, Disappeared, and disaster television). This guy turns out to be a reporter with The Boston Globe doing a follow up report on a landscaper that has been charged in the area with leaving anti-freeze soaked hot dogs out where dogs can eat them. Why? To keep them off a lawn! I hadn’t heard of this story yet, and was slightly outraged. Especially since it was happening right in an area I walk a few dogs. The reporter got my opinion and even included it in his article. You can read it here.

The best part of this incident surrounding a terrible crime? The lab I was walking isn’t usually the most welcoming to strangers, but he sat staring at this man. When I finally realized what he was doing, I couldn’t help but laugh. He thought the mans tape recorder was a treat, and he was sitting begging for it.

It’s the little moments that make my days.



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