Instalife: it’s Fall!

1. Weekend activities! We went to see a horror burlesque show despite our hangover from the night before.
2. Gin/tonics and Halloween crafts from said night before. Oy!
3. And even before that we got sushi and beer.
4. FALL!

5. I found these Halloween ribbons at the craft store and HAD to have them.
6. I gave in and bought some flameless candles. I couldn’t help myself, how great are these?

7. Polaroid from a photoshoot I did recently. I love Polaroids. and being half naked.
8. I’m falling back in love with red lips.
9. Kh brought me home a raspberry poptart from Flour. OMG. Love. That’s right, I eat baked goods and get scantily clad for the camera.

10. Kh’s friend took Lucy for the weekend, so we just had one dog. Going from 4 to one was amazing. She got to ride in the car.
11. and lay in my lap.

12 & 13. The sky over where I live. Well technically the parking lot of the craft store near my house. No filter, it was so gorgeous!


Yayyy it’s Fall! I’ve said it a half dozen times and I’ll say it again. I’m so excited! This weekend we’re planning a trip to the Topsfield Fair. I’m going to play some fair games like nobodies business! Oh, and pet some bunnies too.

I have a bunch of Halloween crafts to finish up and take some photos of. I’m also working on my September birchbox post.

Did I mention it’s fall and I’m damn excited?



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