Instalife: oh hey I’m behind in September

1. Kh and I went to another Roller Derby bout. More beers more cheering! It’s inspiring me to pick up some skates..
2. The next day after said bout we were pretty hungover so we did what normal individuals in our situation would do. Got Spike’s hotdogs. So gross and delicious. They gave me chili cheese fries on accident. Um don’t mind if I do.
3. Cucumber mint gin and tonic and gluten free pizza at Flatbreads. Oh hi.
4. Skyping with my mom a lot lately.

5. My Gram came to visit me in Boston for the very first time. We took her out to eat in Cambridge, gave her the grand tour of Somerville, and generally avoided tourist traps downtown.
6. They wouldn’t let me ride the carousel. boo.

7. Coffee that’s equivalent to crack from one of my fav places in Harvard Sq.
8. Lucy begging for a piece of my brioche. All mine!

9. I’m trying to get caught up on movies I’ve missed. Red Box is amazing, but I got this TERRIBLE movie from it.
10. My receipt from the movie store “Serpent and the Poo.”

11. The weathers been perfect so we did just this at our fav spot in Salem.
12. Just looking at the cheese and beer I want to go back and get more.. mmmm.. mustard ale cheese..


I fell behind in September with updates. I admit, I got sucked into real life happenings and this fall weather. I also started running real low on creative energy and found it hard to type out just about anything. I started a secondary blog where I can just let my brain pour out through my fingertips and not have to worry about making sense or catering to any specific category. It’s helping. I’m hoping to start incorporating more of my thoughts, views and feelings in this blog. I even have some new ideas for DIY’s, and recipes. Halloween is coming and it’s my favorite time of the year. What better thing to inspire me with, amiright?

This weekend we’re going to The Big E. Kh is so excited, she just about popped when I told her I was taking her there. She plans on winning me a stuffed animal, I plan on trying not to throw up on one of the rides. I think we’re evenly matched.

Other than that. I’ve got a million books to read, crafts to get done, and general happiness to enjoy.



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