Random moment of the day

We have a visitor this week. She has four legs, weighs at least 60lbs and thinks shes a lap dog. One of my clients needed overnight boarding while they went away on business. This is a pretty regular occurrence around our house. We have extra dog beds, a bin full of toys, and enough dog treats to put any four legged creature in a food coma. This morning after Kh had left for work, I left the bathroom door open while I was in the shower so I could make sure to hear any commotion going on.

I just finished rinsing the shampoo from my hair when I hear stomping in the dining room. I stopped and listened closely. I was convinced someone was walking around in my apartment. I panicked. Sprinted out of the shower and grabbed a towel to wrap around me. I peaked my head around the corner just in time to see our not so little visitor throwing a toy around, making more noise walking across the floor than I do.

I think I’m going to invest in booties to put on her to quiet her steps. Heart attack almost avoided.



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  1. alisaferris

    Nice feet!

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