Current happenings.

Loving. My girlfriend. She’s pretty fantastic, and I’m having constant love flushes for her. I don’t know anyone else that would get out of bed and put on a Harry Potter dvd for me because I made a pouty face. I’m a pretty lucky (and spoiled!) girl.

Looking forward to. Autumn! Fall! Cold weather, leaves changing and fall outfits. I often feel like Autumn is the shortest season in New England. One minute I’m enjoying a cider donut and the next I’m knee deep in snow. Bah! I’m trying my best to make the most out of every single fall day we have. I’ve got day trips planned and changing leaves to see here folks. I’ve even taken to reading outside in the park, something I’m not overly keen on doing. I get distracted too easily, but in this weather I can’t help it.

Reading. Ohh.. stay tuned for an entire post dedicated to this. A trip to my favorite used book store recently happened, so I’m currently buried in books.

Working on. This weekend Kh and I bought a military trunk from one of my favorite thrift stores in Salem. It’s in amazing condition, and we’ve decided to turn it into a coffee table. It has two levels of storage in it, and a dark finish. The only problem being it’s too short. I’m going to Home Depot this week to buy legs, so starts the project of creating our perfect coffee table. I’m also finishing up some illustrations/paintings in the hopes of getting my etsy shop started. It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure. I may even start dabbling in photography again. An upcoming photoshoot of my own has inspired me to get behind the camera again. I’m just a Canon girl, and well all I have is Nikon in the house, boo hoo, right?

Stressing out about. What the next step is for me. I’m essentially standing at that proverbial fork in the road, waiting for a street light to turn on in the direction I need to be headed in. I suppose everyone reaches this point in their life, and how they go forward is up to them. I’m working it out one day at a time. Even if I don’t have that ‘ah-ha’ moment, the next few months are going to decide a lot for me. We’ll see if I write about it some more.

Unplugging. I have a little bit of an unspoken rule at my house, I don’t use the computer on the weekends. If I do, it’s very briefly and mostly to just look up things. (Google, I can’t completely live without you!) You’d be surprised at how freeing this can be, just to let go. It allows me to just unplug for a while and not worry about whats happening in cyber land. I came up with the idea after my ‘no cell phone Sundays’ rule was working out quite well. Most Sunday’s I put my phone down and try very hard not to touch it. No instagram, facebook, or obsessively checking my email. Peace, and almost quiet.

What’s happening in your world outside cyberland? Are you just as psyched for Autumn as I am?




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