Well that’s the end of August


Visits with friends. Days getting cooler. Day trips. Photoshoots. Seeing Bruce Springsteen. Date nights. Eating DQ 3times (Hello Blizzard addiction). Going to the movies. Walks at night. Being featured on Buzzfeed. Taking up painting after a break. New clothes shopping. Skype sessions with friends far away. Having sleepovers with my favorite doggy clients. Started writing again. Antiquing. Finding new music/rediscovering old music I’d forgotten about. Snack time for dinner. Writing out on my porch while drinking coffee. Swimming. Day time naps.


Wasn’t so into.

The really hot days. Work slowing down. Busy work on the weekends. Losing my creative spark. Electric bill skyrocketing from a result of the hot days (Hi AC, I love you). Making the decision to not enroll in art school this semester. I’ve started grinding my teeth. Dropping my phone in the toilet. Only going to pilates a couple of times this month. Surprise days off leaving me with no sense of what to do.



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