Instalife: August is out the window

1. I was a little obsessed with how gigantic this tree was.
2. Kh and Cara in Portsmouth
3. I made Cara get obsessed with the tree, too.

4. Showing off my sick tan lines I’ve acquired this summer.
5. I debated putting this on here. It’s from a recent photoshoot, which I’m getting back in to. I forgot how much I love the creative process of modeling/photography in general. And yes, I do have undies on in the shot.

6. “.. in bed”
7. I loved this fortune cookie I got from our chinese food the other night. We’ve been getting take out far too much.


What else is going on.. I have at least 7 clients each day this weekend, making it so I really don’t get a weekend. Bummer, but that’s the nature of the game. I have a golden retriever snoozing on my feet right now, while Kh cleans the kitchen and bathroom ferociously in anticipation of her family coming for dinner tonight. We’ll spend a grand total of 30 minutes at the house before and after we go out to eat but we know her mom will be inspecting every little corner. I get out of the cleaning with chemicals chore as it makes me real sick. Even from afar I’m getting nauseous. Yucky.

This coming week work slows down, the weather gets colder, I have more photoshoots next weekend, and we’re going to another roller derby bout. September is shaping up to be a really busy one, already. I’m trying not to leave the house today since September 1st is move in day in and around Boston. Yesterday traffic was horrible, and I’m sure today it’s even worse. Thankfully my nook of outside the city isn’t as bad as some. A friend has already seen 2 U-hauls smash into cars before noon. Impressive .

Time to make myself look productive!



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