Day trips and friend visits – Summers almost gone

Guess who’s been in hiding? This gal! When I say hiding I really mean “super busy doing awesome things.” So forgive me for forgetting all about this little corner of the internet I take up. (But don’t really forgive me, it’s nothing worth asking for forgiveness.)

So what’s been going on! This past weekend my bestie friend of 14 years came to visit me. I’m very sad she doesn’t live in the same city as me but she’s close enough to hop on a bus and see at least once a month. The moment her feet touched Massachusetts soil, I stole her away to New Hampshire.

Kh and Cara had never been to Portsmouth, NH so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a quick day trip. The best part about it? We were only really going up there to eat at The Friendly Toast (even though there’s one much closer to us) and walk through the park.

Give it to me, again! It was so delicious. Black beans, avocado, salsa in scrambled eggs? Delicious! I also blame Kh for getting me into such foods. I never would have liked such a mixture until I started stealing food from her plate and got hooked.

The best part about having your friend around? Making her do silly model things for you. Kh isn’t always willing to model for me, especially not in poses like this.

Yaaay, talk about a fun (quick) day trip. Which are my favorite. We haven’t done nearly as many as I’d have liked to this Summer. Probably because it’s been SO hot and our car doesn’t have AC. Whamp-whamp. My body is also doing this fun little thing where it gets car sick if I’m not the one driving. Awesome right?

I love it when friends come visit me. I’ll love it even more when it’s no longer Summer and I’m sweating my bum off. The mornings are starting to feel like Autumn, and so are the evenings. I can’t wait.



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